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Dollar Tree Block Calendar Transformed It Into A Christmas Countdown

Transform a Dollar Tree block calendar into a festive Christmas countdown with this easy and creative DIY makeover. Get inspired to make your holiday decor on a budget. Hi everyone! It's been a while since I posted a new craft on this blog. If you haven't already, swing by my craft blog and take a look at all the new Christmas crafts!   Today, I wanted to share a simple calendar transformation. This craft just takes a block calendar. I purchased my calendar from my local Dollar Tree, and it cost $1.25. I had all the other materials on hand.  If you're ready,  let's transform this calendar into your very own Christmas countdown. Be sure to check out the video tutorial Materials needed One block calendar Mini garland Acrylic paint Paintbrush Hot glue Decorative tape Decorative napkin Scissors Optional- Christmas light stickers, black paint Start by applying your acrylic paint to your calendar. The block calendars a

Stay Cozy This Winter ❄❄|❄❄ A list of ideas to stay cozy

  Stay Cozy This Winter ❄❄|❄❄ A list of ideas to stay cozy Create meals using your Crockpot I love using my Instant Pot to explore new recipes, especially during the colder months. From delicious stews to chili and soups, there's always something new to try. Create warm drink recipes A few favorites--  Simple Herbal Spice Tea Recipe  and  Warm citrus tea   Explore hot cocoa, tea, and coffee recipes. I also love tea delivery right to my front door. If you have time, check out  Atlas Tea Club  and  Sipsby Tea . I was very fortunate to sample tea from both tea companies, and I loved the tea I received!  Create a blanket basket I enjoy making blanket baskets in various rooms of my home. All I do is grab a basket and fill it with a few throws, including some lighter ones and an electric blanket. This way, there's always a cozy blanket within reach no matter where you are in the house. Decorate your coffee/tea bar If you have a coffee bar or tea bar, this is a great way to make it fe

Mini Halloween Chalkboards

 Hi everyone! I'm excited to bring you this fun craft. This craft is perfect for Halloween, and you could definitely get your children to help and create as well. We are taking three mini chalkboards and decorating each one using felt stickers, crafts gems, and more! I purchased a pack of these mini chalkboards at my local Target in the Dollar spot.  Supplies Assorted craft gems Paint- Black, white, and orange Glitter glue, or glitter Felt Halloween stickers Wood word tiles--I purchased a pack at Walmart The ribbon is optional- I decided not to use it, but feel free to use it if you would like Paintbrush Hot glue Start by taking your frames and painting them black. For this craft, you will paint all three of your mini chalkboards black.  Working with the first design, use hot glue and add on your wood tile letters.  Next, take one felt sticker and add it to your mini chalkboard. I decided to use a ghost felt sticker on my first design. After, take your white paint and create a few

Easy Shoji Screen Makeover

 Hi everyone! I hope all is well with you. Today I am going to take my almost 20-year-old shoji screen and transform it using just a few materials I had on hand. I purchased this shoji screen when living in Arizona. When my husband, and I moved around due to the military, this screen followed along with us. It has been through a lot. I decided over the weekend that I would give it a complete makeover. I'd love to share my experience with all of you. This project took one day to complete. I decided to keep the white shoji paper and work around it. Materials  Peel and stick wallpaper -The roll I am using was purchased at Lowe's during a sale they had. I believe it was $37 for the package. And it only takes one to complete this project Paint- I'm using my leftover Valspar furniture and cabinet paint Adhesive- E6000 Paintbrush Ruler  Scissors Spray paint Screwdriver Start by applying paint to the frame on each section of your shoji screen. I only applied paint to the outer surf


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