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little things...

Banana+fruit cheerios+yogurt=ONE HAPPY TODDLER! Today was such a nice day! I hope the same for everyone else. :)

Oh boy! We've got a picky eater...

In our home we are currently dealing with our toddler being a picky eater. I never imagined this would happen, when she an infant I breastfed her until she was about 13 months, and I made her baby food, with our baby food processor. Now that she is going onto 2 in April, she is pickier than ever!!! She used to be into vegetables, and for a while I could make healthy sandwiches, but now she refuses to eat some of these things. My husband has told me several times not to give in and give her something else to eat when she refuses to eat what we have made for her. (It gets so hard sometimes) It turns into a battle on some days, she will pick at her food, and I need to remind myself that maybe this is just a phase! (Fingers crossed) I’m sure many parents go through this, but I guess I just wasn’t prepared. I love cooking different foods,(I’m half asian)and in our home we love spicy foods. I have noticed that she loves to eat spicy foods, but lately she has been in a mood in which

The letter of the day: A

Today in our home we learned about the letter A. I figured each day it would be nice to go over a new letter of the alphabet. So today our letter was A :) We used flashcards, dry erase board, magnets, and books which had the letter A.

Snowy day.

Today ended up being a cold snowy day. I had plans to take my daughter to the library for story time and a craft, but we ended up staying home. Instead I did a few crafts here at home with her, and we read, and played. It’s always so fun being with her. The snow eventually went away and the roads cleared later in the afternoon. I decided it was cold enough to make some crock-pot apple cider. Days like this make me feel so lazy! (I’m not one to sit around) but on a cold snowy day it sure does make me want to! I need to get back on track with my working out, I've missed a day,so I need to make sure I work out tonight. My daughter went around the house today saying Mickey Mouse, penguin, and a few other new words. I love watching her grow. She amazes me. How was the weather over where you are at? Did you get a lot of sunshine/snow/or a mixture of both. (Or maybe even some rain?) Even though today was a cold snowy day, I am thankful that I was able to spend another beautiful day wi

A lovely Monday.

Today was a beautiful day. My daughter and I made some delicious blueberry muffins this morning. We sat together and enjoyed a nice breakfast. Later in the morning I took her to story time here at our local library. Today they had what they call "stay and play." They start by reading to the children,then have songs in which the toddlers dance to, and then they end with the kids staying and playing with each other. After story time we headed back home, and once we were home my daughter set up a little tea party with her dolls. She set up pastries, cake, and tea of course! (And of course mommy was invited) She usually hands me five cups at once and watches to make sure I’m enjoying the tea she has made. :) I love tea time with my little love. Today was absolutely beautiful. How did you enjoy your day today?


It was a very quiet, relaxing day around our home. We started off with a nice family breakfast. My daughter and I enjoyed some art time, and she also had a special guest at lunch...(her teddy joined her). This evening my husband has chased my daughter around the house playing peek-a-boo.♡ I really don't like to see the weekend come to an end so soon, but I must say it was such a lovely weekend. I'm already looking forward to next weekend. ♡ Teddy joined in on lunch today. :)(Tea anyone?) Art time! :)


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