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10 Inspiring Autumn Quotes.

              With each new season, we welcome change. I hope that these quotes inspire, bring comfort, and most of all help you welcome Autumn. Adventure off to a new season with a new start. May your days be filled with love, and great memories. Enjoy. Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Do you have a favorite season? I'm an Autumn baby, and I always look forward to Autumn when it comes around. I love watching the leaves change colors and just feeling a sense of peace.  Do you have a favorite Autumn quote? --I'd love to hear yours! Please feel free and share in the comments below. ♡ Stephanie Pin/share for later

Simple Ways To Make Your Home Feel Cozy This Fall

Here are some wonderful ideas that can help you make your home feel cozy and warm during the wonderful autumn months: 1. Add some wonderful fall-scented candles with scents like pumpkin pie, apple, or vanilla spice. 2. Fill a medium-sized basket with your favorite light throw blankets and place it near a common seating area. 3. Add a gorgeous leaf garland with lights around a fireplace, staircase, or front window. 4. Create a wonderful fall display on your front porch with a simple straw/hay bale, scarecrows, pumpkins, and lanterns. 5. Add a wonderful new Autumn doormat to your front door by using outdoor paint and a blank doormat. 6. Plant some wonderful fall flowers in pots and display them on your porch. 7. Add a wonderful fall centerpiece to your dining table by filling a wood bowl with pine cones, candles, and fall leaves. 8. Add a wonderful fall touch to your entry table with mini pumpkins, a vase with lights, and autumn art. 9. Add wonderful fall throw pillows on sofas and chair


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