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Today I finally got around to taking out some scrapbook pages, and stickers. I’ve been working on my daughter’s second scrapbook. I finished her 1st year scrapbook, and my husband came up with the idea to continue a second book for her 2nd year. She will be 2 this year, and I’ve made a page for each month filled with photos, and scrapbook stickers, and more! It’s something I enjoy doing and I want her to able to look back on it all. So I had procrastinated and put off working on her December page, and now we are almost at the end of January, so today I made a point to take out her scrapbook pages and stickers, and I printed off a few photos, and started working on her scrapbook page for December.Hopefully I can start this month’s page soon. What do you enjoy doing for your little one?

Lovely evening..

It has turned out to be such a lovely evening. We had a delicious dinner. (my husband made some homemade lasagna) It turned out great. I did some baking with our daughter, and she enjoyed helping mommy in the kitchen. We baked some sugar cookies. Link for Sugar cookie recipe we used:

10 amazing years....

"There is nothing more lovely in life than the union of two people whose love for one another has grown through the years, from the small acorn of passion, into a great rooted tree." - Vita Sackville-West Today my husband and I celebrate our 10th wedding aniversary. 10 amazing years of being married. It has been an amazing journey with him by my side. We have gone through so much together, and we have grown together. The day God blessed me with such a loving, caring, and uplifting man, my life changed. Today I look back on everything we have experienced together and how my love has grown for him... Our life has changed so much in 10 years. In 2011, we welcomed our beautiful daughter into this world. She is truly a blessing. She is going to be 2 this year, and she has also changed our lives. After all these years, my love has grown deeper. I am completely in love with my husband, my lover, my best friend. I can’t wait to see what’s next on this wonderful journey.

My thoughts on Abc

ABC We decided to give it a try! It's $8 a month,(and right now they are offering one free month) and so far we... LOVE it :) On their site they have an area for toddlers, which we are using for our daughter. They provide educational games, puzzles, art activities, online books and printables. Lesson plans are given to your child to complete, and when they are completed they give your child a gift for his/her avatar. Your child will learn about numbers, the alphabet, reading & much more.-(Art & music) So far we love it, and I can tell our daughter is enjoying it. The site has so much for them to explore!

Paint time!

I t’s a lovely Tuesday. (It’s a bit chilly outside, but I find on days like today, my daughter and I are pretty productive) She loves to paint, and I enjoy watching her experiment with the different paints, and use her fingers, and just get messy with it. So today I decided to let her paint, and I must say she's definitely my little artist!

She loves them...

O ur almost 2 year old daughter is in love with fishes! This obsession happened while we were visiting my mother in Arizona a little after my daughter turned one. Since then we have started setting up a fish tank, and also we have taken her to the aquarium. It amazes me how children can see something once and become so fascinated with it. (I guess that applies to us adults too) ;) So for now our daughter is in love with fishes, and I can't wait to see what catches her attention next.

Brrrr its cold!

Today is a cold, snowy day here in Colorado. I started thinking of summers here in Colorado, its beautiful.

Make it a beautiful day!

Good morning! I'm taking this time to blog while my daughter and husband continue to sleep in this morning. This morning I woke up feeling thankful. Why do so many of us take so many things for granted? I asked myself this question this morning. I find that there are times that I fall into this category, taking the simplest things in life for granted. My daughter has changed my outlook on life. She makes me feel so vibrant and full of life. What has changed your outlook on life? Today is a new day, make it a beautiful day.


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