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Give me glitter and sparkles.-3 simple and fun crafts

1. Upcycled Decorative Jar Materials needed: Mod Podge sponge brush or paint brush glitter wooden letters painters tape LED battery-operated candle Adhesive (I used Aleene's original, The Ultimate multi-surface adhesive) silk flower (This is completely optional) Start off with a clean jar. I actually used an old candle jar for this project. Take your wooden letters and adhesive and glue your letters to your jar. Allow that to dry for about 5 minutes. Next, take your tape and tape off the top and bottom sections. You will want to do this when you apply your mod podge. Once you have taped off the areas, apply some mod podge using your sponge brush or paintbrush. After this step is done take your glitter and apply it to make sure to cover the areas where you have applied the mod podge. Allow this to dry for 10-15 minutes. Once it is dry gently remove your tape. Choose a space to put your newly designed jar and enjoy! 2. Sparkly jewel candle jar


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