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Let us.- A List Of Things To Start Doing Today To Bring Out Your Best Life.

Let us... Practice kindness. Share positive, uplifting thoughts.                 Laugh with our kids more.- Enjoy them, love them. Just be.-They truly grow fast. Clear our minds. Try something new. Take a break from social media Write more. -Keep a journal. Read more.- Pick up a new book. -Bake more. Go on more nature walks.- Explore and experience the great outdoors! Craft more. Create something new. Or finish an old project. Interact with people more. - Meet someone new, call up an old friend. Maybe even set up a lunch date. Eat less junk.- Let us fill our bodies with delicious healthy foods. (Hey even if you bake more, you can still bake something delicious and healthy). Experience life. Enjoy these beautiful days you are given. Life is precious and we should all learn to love this life. Let us embrace each day.  Today, do something kind. Happy October! To all my readers... I appreciate all of you! 

Just a little time.

Breakfast is made. Showers are taken.  Lessons are done.  Reading is done. - For now, that is. The laundry is washed and put away.  Dishes are washed and put away. Some playtime with the girls.- Building blocks, wagon rides, baby dolls, pretend cooking, and a few tickles here and there.  Lunch is prepared and eaten.  Naps are being taken. And here I am. Not napping, but contemplating on what I am going to do next. I purchased a few flowers. I haven't planted them yet. I'm hoping this evening I'll be able to. -Once it's a bit cooler and the clouds move in. I figured it out! I'll enjoy a nice cup of coffee and enjoy this adult coloring page I recently printed off. - It was an offer for a freebie and I couldn't pass it up. So while the girls are sleeping, I'll enjoy this time. Clearing my thoughts. Expressing my creative side.  - Just a little time...doing one of the things that I enjoy.  Welcome new readers. I


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