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DIY paint/beaded sun-catchers!

DIY Paint/Beaded Sun-catchers       This project was a fun one to do with my daughter. It's a pretty simple project. Materials needed for this project are: -paint -plastic (which I reused a plastic lid from a container) -hole puncher -beads -wire/or you can use string -wire cutter- if using wire -Glue or Hot glue gun     I started off with cutting out circles using my plastic lid. After my daughter painted each circle, using paint colors she picked out. Once that's all done, allow it to dry. (I put ours outside so it would dry a little quicker.) When it's all dry, using your hole puncher, make a hole.     Now onto the beads. My daughter picked out a few beads for the sun-catchers. I guarantee your toddler will enjoy picking out the beads and adding them to the wire or string. :) Once that's all done,    I used my hot glue gun and placed the wire with the beads to the painted plastic piece. Using a separate piece of wire, l

DIY (Craft storage bin)

I could always use more storage for my craft supplies, so I decided to reuse my windowsill herb box. Since it was no longer in use. I figured hey why not use this for extra storage for my stamps and other card supplies. For this project all I used was the herb box, white paint, stamps, washi tape, glue and three clear plastic cups along with craft paper. I started off with painting my box. Allow it to dry for a few. Once that is done take some craft paper and line both the front and the back of the box. To make sure it stays in place make sure to apply enough glue. Next step decorate your box! I used a few stamps and washi tape to line the inside of my box. Last step taking three clear plastic cups line them up in your box and add your supplies. 

It's been a great day!

Today has been a great day, and for that I am once again thankful. Time spent with my family is such a blessing. Today I enjoyed setting up a baking station for my sweet little one. We set out some play cookies, cake slices, and other pastries. It was so much fun. My daughter even invited our pug to join in. (He slept through the whole thing)     We spent some time on ABC, reading, singing, and enjoying a few other learning activities. We have been going over the days of the week, and I've been very impressed with how quickly our daughter learns new things. (Gosh they grow so fast)     This evening, we enjoyed our time out in the yard. The weather has been wonderful. I've noticed lately I've been really enjoying nights out on our back porch. I could definitely get used to this kind of weather. (It reminds me of the summer days I spent back in Arizona) I grew up in Arizona, and I find myself missing it from time to

Liebster award :)

    I've been nominated again for the Liebster award! Thank you Gracielle Tamanio at , I appreciate it. :) So I haven't been keeping track of how many times, because I haven't responded to each award I've been nominated for, I know..shame on me. But I do thank those who have nominated me in the past!  Side note-(when nominated for the liebster award never feel as though its mandatory to fill it out, it's totally up to you whether you do or don't, this is just a fun way to let your readers know more about you. :)   What’s the Liebster Award??? The Liebster Award is given to new bloggers with under 200 followers as a way to welcome them into the blogging community.   11 Questions From Gracielle Tamanio 1.  What was your most embarrassing moment? Hmm, I think I would have to say the time my heel on my boot broke half way off, and I was in the middle of grocery shopping! I pretty much sounded like a horse walking through

It's finally finished...

My husband and I finally finished making our daughters art easel. We were wanting to finish it in April, but that didn't happen. We ended up making a few adjustments with this project. I painted the easel a light purple, and the tray was painted a light pink. Since finishing it our daughter has enjoyed playing with her alphabet magnets, and writing with her chalk. My husband added an area on the easel where our daughter can paint, and scribble with her coloring pencils. I'm so happy its all done, and ready for her to use.          

Weekend love-time with my loves.

Our weekend was spent outdoors. We went on a nice family walk and sat out and enjoyed the nice weather. Our daughter enjoyed splashing around in her little pool. I was excited to see a few of my flowers started blooming in my front flowerbed.  While out shopping I came across some cute hello kitty stamps for kids. Of course I ended up buying them, and our little one had such a fun time with her stamps. Over the weekend my husband made us some delicious strawberry pancakes. We topped them with some triple berry syrup. (Boy they were yummy) I knew I would have to kick some serious butt with my next workout. :)  Over the weekend my husband also made us a berry non-alcoholic drink, which was wonderful. We ended up sitting out in the back, allowing our daughter  to enjoy her bubble machine. It was a lovely weekend spent with my loves.


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