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Warm Sunny days.

“Every summer there are a number of nights, not many, but a number when everything is perfect. The light, the warmth, the smells, the mist, the birdsong – the moths. Who can sleep? Who wants to?”  ―  Fredrik Sjöberg ,  The Fly Trap: A Book about Summer, Islands and the Freedom of Limits Summer happenings Time in my garden.- I've had so many visitors in my garden these past few days. The rain has brought moisture and new life. Bumblebees, baby birds, butterflies, caterpillars and hummingbirds.-They all stop by for a brief hello and go on their way.  Arranging flowers. - My daughter has been making her very own flower arrangements from the garden. We snip a few flowers together. She's always prepared, wearing her tiny little garden gloves. Soon after, she arranges her flowers.-Just the way she wants them. It's beautiful and I'm glad she enjoys her arrangement.  The weather is warm. - We still have days that the rain comes


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