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Peaceful moment.

This peaceful moment took place in September 2015. It was a quiet evening and I took some time to work on an adult coloring sheet. Sometimes we just need to quiet our minds and do something we enjoy. A nice cup of tea, coloring pencils, and a creative coloring sheet. -Indeed, it was a very peaceful moment. *** Each Thursday I will be posting a peaceful moment. I would love to hear what your peaceful moment has been during the week or a peaceful memory from the past. Leave your comment below or on Google+. 


- Rain, rain, and more rain! We're so thankful for this. -Admiring the morning sunlight. -Reading- The Chemistry of calm - Enjoying cooler nights with the windows opened. -Grilled foods. - Last week's favorite- Grilled chicken fajitas. -Science experiments. Fizz, floating objects, and color exploring! -Inventory of books and school supplies for our oldest. -she will be home with me but she will also have an online teacher. I'm her learning coach!  -Sweet treats.- We made some yummy marshmallow cereal treats. -Workouts.- Monday-Friday. It's been for a few months now and I'm definitely feeling GREAT! What are you currently up to? :)


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