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Little things.

Little things. Sometimes it's the little things that warm our hearts the most. A good morning kiss. A simple hug. A gentle smile. A listening ear. A shoulder to lean on. Simple reassurance. An unexpected phone call. A small gift from a loved one. A walk through a field of flowers. An evening spent blowing bubbles with small ones. Bonding with your children. A nice cuddle with a special book. Capturing everyday moments with your camera. A simple hello. A smile from a stranger. Helping someone in need. Preparing a dish for your family. Reconnecting with an old friend. A bouquet of fresh flowers. Alone time.-Clearing your thoughts and feeling refreshed. A stroll through nature. Morning sunrise. An evening sunset. A hot cup of tea/coffee. These little things warm our hearts. Reminding us that we must take time to enjoy them. Take time to notice, rejoice and simply live for the moment. Today take time and notice these little things around you. Ref


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