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Snapshots from our week.

This week was long.  We all caught an icky cold.  We're still battling this cold virus. We had cranky days. We had good days. Long nights. Runny noses. Early mornings. And lots of hugs and kisses for our little ones. I've gotten to snuggle more. ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ Oatmeal with strawberries, bananas, chocolate, and almonds. And a sprinkle of my oat cereal. It was pure bliss.  A simple breakfast for me. My banana nut cereal with a few slices of bananas.  This was my mommy moment. Morning, the sunlight was shining in and I sipped on my tea. Even if it was just for a few minutes, it felt wonderful.  Using my essential oil diffuser at night.  I love this bathroom cleaner spray.  It smells so nice and I use it when I'm not using Lysol wipes. The littlest one is building with blocks. She said she was making a castle.  While we prepare dinner, our little one is lining things up on the kitchen floor. Working on lessons with our

A vase for every space:A quick diy project

This project was simple and quick to complete.  I love displaying fresh flowers in our home so I figured what a great way to display them.  You will just need a few materials.  I promise you will love the way it all comes together in the end. I honestly could not decide on which room to put them on display. I ended up putting them in the master bedroom.  Materials  Two Vases, any size will do. Lace ribbon Burlap tape Glue or double-sided tape Fresh flowers Start with adding your burlap tape to your vase I chose burlap tape because it was quick and simple to attach to the vase. Apply it around your vase. I did two sections of burlap tape on the bottom portion and the top section of the vase. Applying your lace around your vase  Now working with the lace material, I used some craft glue applied that  to the lace, and slowly wrapped it around the vase. This actually took a little more time compared to using burlap tape.  I wrapped five sections of my lace around the bottom section o


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