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Peaceful moment.

This week I actually had a few peaceful moments that I would love to share with you all. This peaceful moment took place in the morning. I was out watering my flowers and I noticed I had a little garden visitor. - For about an hour this grasshopper stayed for some morning sunlight and cool breeze. This peaceful moment.- I came across a picture of our first home. (When it was just my husband and me). It brought back so many memories.  This peaceful moment actually took place on Sunday. - The girls were already in bed for the night. My husband and I sat out in the back and just enjoyed a nice conversation. - Our time together was very enjoyable.  This peaceful moment.- I was preparing some cold brew coffee. I love this process and it always smells amazing while it slowly makes its way through the filter. This peaceful moment.- My youngest played with the new doll carrier. I received it as a gift for doing reviews.  My girls love it and I just love watc


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