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A sweet drink to warm you up:Coffee meets cocoa.

For this drink you will need: 2 chocolate pieces. We used Hershey bars. Whole bean coffee or ground coffee. We used the whole bean, but ground coffee will also work. Milk 1 coffee mug 1 pot French press Start off by taking your chocolate bars and placing them in a small/medium pot. Stir them over medium heat. This will cause the chocolate to melt. If you are wanting more of a rich cocoa flavor, just add more chocolate pieces. Next, you'll want to take your milk and add that in with the chocolate. You'll want to add just one cup of milk. Stir both the milk and chocolate together until it becomes smooth.  Allow this mixture to slowly come together. Turn the heat down to low/medium heat. While those two ingredients are coming together work on preparing your coffee. If you are using whole beans, this is where you'll want to take a teaspoon of your beans and add them to your coffee grinder.  If you are using regular ground coffee, si


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