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Peaceful moment.

This peaceful moment... Morning time. Pot of tea. Quiet moment. What was your peaceful moment for this week? ***** Each Thursday, I'll be posting a photo taken during a peaceful moment.

DIY Easy Spring time wreath + Bonus mini wreath

I purchased all my materials at Michaels.- They were having a big sale, and I was lucky to find a few items on clearance.   If you want to make an easy springtime wreath, and this is maybe even your first time creating a wreath... here are some very simple steps. Below, you will find some easy do-it-yourself instructions on making your very own wreath. Materials Needed You will need: 1 wreath. - Any size of your choice. I am using a grapevine wreath. Flowers.- silk, or paper. Choose any flower material for your wreath. I am using a paper flower material Optional letters and butterfly clip Wire cutter.- If you chose flowers with wires in them, you'll probably want to use this to cut them when preparing them to be placed in your wreath. DIY- Easy Spring time wreath Here's what you'll want to do: 1. Start by clipping your flowers.  Be sure when you clip them that you have some that are a bit longer and some that are short. This will help when you start to arr


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