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DIY Floral Love Truck. A simple Upcycled Craft

 Hello everyone! Happy February. I am so happy to begin a new month this year. How have you been? I hope you are all doing great. Today I am sharing another upcycled craft with you. I will be taking my Dollar Tree truck crate design and decorating it using a few materials. We will change the railing color, and add some twine and additional decorations. DIY Floral Love Truck. A simple Upcycled Craft  Before Materials If you are creating this craft for the first time, you will need one truck plaque and a wooden crate box .  I purchased these two items at my local Dollar Tree. If you are upcycling this craft from a previous craft as I am, you are good to go. Acrylic paint Flower sticker Felt hearts Vine garland Twine Hot glue Paintbrush Faux flowers One foam block Applying paint to the truck railing Start by applying paint to the truck railing. I had painted the railing black and decided with this new design that I would go with pink.  Removing the old sticker and adding the new design N


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