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Just the two of them.

The day after Christmas, we took some time to relax and enjoy our time just being home. My oldest daughter and my husband decided to build a robot, a rather cool box robot.  Just the two..sitting together, being hands-on. I sat nearby.-Taking pictures and listened in on their conversation. They needed this time. Just the two, together. I enjoyed watching the two of them work together as a team.-Building, brainstorming, and enjoying time together. I honestly enjoy these simple moments in life. It was a simple, relaxing day at home. Robot in action.

Merry and well.

“Christmas Eve was a night of song that wrapped itself about you like a shawl. But it warmed more than your body. It warmed your heart...filled it, too, with a melody that would last forever.”  ―  Bess Streeter Aldrich ,  Song of Years I haven't been around much. But I can say- we're all doing well.  I'm sure I've overloaded on sweets and I've listened to way too much Christmas music. And I'm sure I have enjoyed way too many of my favorite Christmas movies. -One thing I'm certain of,- I've enjoyed every minute of it. We're all cheerful and filled with so much joy. It's all so very special to us. And I hope the same goes for all of you.  Sending warm wishes to all this Christmas.  -Stephanie **Welcome new readers! I'm so glad to have you here**

Home. Lately

At home, we're all enjoying this beautiful holiday season. I've been enjoying some time in the kitchen baking a few goodies. I normally have our kitchen radio on while I prepare meals. Sometimes I  take this time to reflect on a few things. - Happy thoughts. I recently purchased an oil to use in my warmer. - A mixture of nutmeg, orange, and cinnamon fills the air. - It's a very calm and refreshing scent. I enjoy this time at home. We recently finished our Christmas shopping and oh my! - I'm really considering doing most of my Christmas shopping online next year. Stores were packed and people are just so rude this time of year. Our oldest daughter has enjoyed her time playing tea time and putting together most of her puzzles. She's also been enjoying her time with her baby sister. I catch her giving her sister gentle kisses and holding her hand while she sings her a sweet song. - I absolutely love these moments. In the eve

A joyful heart. Thankful

Lately, I'm approaching things differently. -With a joyful heart. I'm finding peace in simple things. These past few days have been busy.- But what a difference it makes when you approach things with a joyful heart. I'm learning to listen more before I speak. Handle things in a more loving approach. My days are more positive. I am able and capable of seeing things in a different light. - With a joyful heart. I'm happier and more cheerful and it's amazing finding peace in simple everyday things. On Thanksgiving we cooked, spending most of our time in the kitchen, together -which honestly in our home we do a lot of. -It was wonderful. We asked our oldest daughter what she was most thankful for. Of course, she said her family. At that moment, I looked around and saw, a baby sleeping peacefully, my husband preparing our turkey, and our oldest in the kitchen with her apron and hat on.- I  feel so blessed and beyond thankful. - We are a


Grow my loves. Inspire, create, smile, and live a joyful life. I'll hold you in my arms. I'll cherish these moments. Read, explore, and set off for a new adventure.- Grow my loves. Remember, I'm always here... Find happiness in small things, lift one another up, and remember there's beauty in all things. You are beautiful, unique, and loved more than you will ever know.- Grow my loves. -Love, Mom

Our week.

Friday is here. - I'm thrilled. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I may sleep in on Saturday or just the fact that I absolutely love when Friday comes around. :) We made it through the week. This week treated us well. Today I woke up feeling refreshed. - I baked some pumpkin doughnuts and sat for a few enjoying a quiet and peaceful morning. This week- was a busy one. It snowed for two days and the temps dropped pretty low. We stayed inside. Keeping warm and enjoying some apple cider. I enjoy making it in the crock pot and letting it simmer throughout the day. - The house smells amazing! I've taken out all of our winter blankets and prepared the beds.  Our oldest enjoyed a few crafts on the snow days. -We added food coloring to some snow and worked on a few coloring sheets. -I'm pretty sure she enjoyed herself. I've been using our crock pot quite a bit lately. -Last night we enjoyed a green b


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