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Such a beautiful day.

Our day was filled with so much love. We read scripture, sang songs, and enjoyed our time together. Our girls lit up with so much excitement as they opened their presents.  Most importantly, we were able to enjoy this beautiful day given to us. We have our health, our home, and our family.  It was a very Merry Christmas. And I hope the same goes for all of you. πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

May your days be filled with joy, love and happiness.

May your days be filled with joy, love, and happiness. πŸ’—

A blanket for my littlest one.

Warm, snuggled up, and carried from room to room. This little blanket will certainly be with her where ever she goes. My two-year-old is growing so quickly and she is full of energy. These days she's running, jumping, singing, and twirling. I really cherish these moments and honestly, I wish they would stay this small forever.   I recently sewed a blanket for her. It will keep her warm through the winter months. She's always talking about Doc Mcstuffins, so I found a cute pattern I'm sure she will love. When her sister was two I made a blanket for her as well. She continues to use it through the winter months and I'm thrilled to see her little sister enjoy her new blanket soon. I'll wrap it and tie a bow around it and place it under the tree until Christmas. Maybe one day they will pass their blankets down to their little ones.  I hope she knows that this blanket was made with some much love. πŸ’—

A jolly good time.

Lately, we've been having a jolly good time!  There has been baking, gift wrapping, board games, Christmas music and twinkling lights everywhere. I love this time of the year. Our home smells of sweet, warm scents.  Our Christmas lights come on every evening around five. We recently picked up our Starbucks Holiday blend. My husband makes a fine cup of coffee. Some of our selected Christmas music brings back a few childhood memories. One song in particular is, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I have a picture of me from when I was younger; I performed this song in Germany and wore the the antlers and had a little red nose.  I wasn't quite a wee one, but I was in elementary school at the time. Our oldest daughter loves asking questions about her daddy and I. She normally asks questions about our childhood. Growing up my mother never wrapped our Christmas gifts. It wasn't such a big deal, but now that I am older and have children of my own, I have sta


πŸ’— Home is where my heart is filled with love. Home is where I am free. Home is my calm place. The sweet aroma of cookies baking fills the air. My girls are playing and I can hear their precious little laughter. My husband and I sit and chat for a while. I'm so happy he's home. Music plays softly in the background.  The evening is calm.  I cherish these moments we spend at home. “Home is the nicest word there is.”  ―  Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tis the Season to Spread Love with Custom Cards.

   My  opinions are completely my own based on the products I have received.  (Tiny Prints link exchange)     We all know that around this time of the year, things can get pretty hectic.  If you're anything like me, you like to get things done ahead of time. With that being said, I received an order of Christmas cards from Tiny Prints that reflected exactly what I requested.    I also got a Christmas ornament that was in an attractive little bag.    I love the fact that I am able to visit their site and create my very own custom cards, for a price not much more than purchasing card stock. If you aren't familiar with Tiny Prints, they make custom items typically based off of your pictures.      My recent order included 10 whimsical rainbow pearl-themed cards, 10 5x7 bright red bokeh confetti envelope liners, 10 gold envelopes, and also a bright red sugar vine Christmas ornament. My cards are a signature matte finish with a basic trim. I chose this design


I am here. I am loved. I am free. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— Today is a new day and the Lord is my rock.  He's given me this day to inspire, help, learn, and love others. For this...I am thankful. Today I breathe in new air and my heart beats with excitement.  My girls inspire me to be the best mother I could possibly be to them. Their love is so much more than I ever imagined. They lift me up and bring daily joy, laughter, and happiness to my heart. For this...I am thankful. My love, almost 14 years of marriage, and still he amazes me. I love that he loves me for ME. He challenges me, inspires me, and believes in my dreams. For this...I am thankful. My days are long. I'm not perfect. And I often question my own abilities.  There's always a challenge. But, I stop and remind myself that I am only human. My heart continues to beat and I have so much love to share.  I wish you all well. May your days be filled with great joy, love,

Peaceful moment.

This peaceful moment... I recently purchased this candle wax warmer and I've been enjoying some  warm autumn scents.  All is well and definitely cozy around here. Warm blankets, cider, and lots of snuggles.  How are you spending your days?  Each Thursday I will be posting a peaceful moment. I would love to hear what your peaceful moment has been during the week or a peaceful memory from the past. Leave your comment below or on Google+. 

Peaceful moment.

November 2015. A week before Thanksgiving we made a few little pom poms felt turkey crafts. The little ones seemed to have enjoyed this craft. When Thanksgiving arrived, we placed each turkey on the table for display. Each Thursday I will be posting a peaceful moment. I would love to hear what your peaceful moment has been during the week or a peaceful memory from the past. Leave your comment below or on Google+. 

Peaceful moment.

Reading should not be presented to children as a chore, a duty.  It should be offered as a gift.”  – Kate DiCamillo This peaceful moment... The girls were ready for bed. But before we could send them off to bed, we ended the night with a story. My husband read them both a story and they giggled and wriggled. We love that they enjoy us reading to them.    May their love for books continue to grow.  ❤  Each Thursday I will be posting a peaceful moment. I would love to hear what your peaceful moment has been during the week or a peaceful memory from the past. Leave your comment below or on Google+. 

Autumn snapshots.

I took a little break from social media.  I just wanted to enjoy my family more  and take in all these beautiful moments I spend with them.  I'm back and I am ready to share our little adventures with you all. Our nights are definitely colder. Hot tea, tutu-wearing, princess parties, and autumn painting. Scattered leaves, flowers fading and the sun shining so brightly. We're all healthy and happy. I couldn't ask for more.  If you are reading this, I hope that you're enjoying this autumn season. May you continue to be blessed and happy. 

Peaceful moment.

This peaceful moment... November 2015, it snowed the night before. Our oldest daughter went out and collected some snow. We used glitter, food coloring, and a few containers. We drank some cocoa and made an indoor snowman. It was a very enjoyable morning. Each Thursday I will be posting a peaceful moment. I would love to hear what your peaceful moment has been during the week or a peaceful memory from the past. Leave your comment below or on Google+. 

Our first weekend in October.

Hello October, You have been missed dearly.  We welcomed October with cool temps. It is absolutely gorgeous out with all the autumn colors.  We had a relaxing weekend. I took out a few autumn decor pieces and arranged them around our home.  I've completely become obsessed with anything that smells like fall. I normally have my wax burners on, but lately, I've been fighting a few candles early morning and late in the evening. Since the weather is cooler, I've been leaving the windows open. I normally open them in the afternoon. This past weekend the girls painted their little pumpkins. This is something we enjoy doing every year during the first weekend of October.  I baked over the weekend. Pumpkin cookies and banana bread. I really need to use up the rest of our bananas. After all the baking was done, I enjoyed a slice of banana bread with a nice cup of coffee.  We checked out a few books for the girls at the library a


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