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Energy, Pregnancy & Daydreaming.

An easy morning. Toast, and sweet orange marmalade An artful morning. Currently looking through-Shabby Chic A sweet thoughtful surprise from my husband: Prescription for 52 reasons why I treasure you. Baking- Teddy bear cookies. My energy level seems to be returning, slowly. Cravings have started, and I'm continuing to find it harder to brush my teeth without the occasional gagging. Breakfast is simple, -toast with jam, eggs, and maybe a side of bacon or ham. Our daughter; of course is a picky eater. Sometimes she's in the mood for oatmeal, maybe bacon the next, or just plain cereal. Our pug likes to rest his head on my tummy. -Not yet a big baby bump, but it's become a pillow to rest his soft cuddly cheeks. He did this when I was pregnant with our daughter. He'd fall asleep, and snore on my oh-so-lovely baby bump. -Of course, there were occasional kicks to the head from my daughter resting inside. So far this pregnancy

Lighting. DIY paper lampshade

Diy Paper Lamp Shade -with punch-out design It's snowing out, and there's a little fog in the air. Inside, we are warm and cozy. Candles are burning, and dim lights are lighting the room. This simple Diy paper lampshade is easy to make. You'll enjoy the delicate lighting it provides.  Materials needed: -brown paper lunch bag -Shape punch out -Scissors (And for the lighting I'm using our Febreze night light-Battery operated) Cut the bottom half of the paper bag off. Once removing the end of the bag, take your punch out (I used my flower design punch out)- And punch out around your bag. -It's really that simple. Now you're done, and ready to display your paper lamp shade.-When not in use just fold, it and put it away. 

Family time.

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.  ~Albert Camus,  Lyrical and Critical Essays Blue sky...Geese flying high Snow is melting..hello sun. Splashing in puddles on a sunny day. Snow covered grass Mr pug enjoying our family walk Hello Colorado mountains. The sun felt absolutely wonderful. "The moon mommy" - Our daughter announced loudly.  Breakfast pastry:prepared by my husband.// apples, raisins, spices, and a bit of glaze.  Kimchi spicy noodle.// Rice cake, noodles, kimchi, seaweed, egg, green onion, peppers, garlic, and a few other spices. -Sure to warm you up on a cold day.  Baking oatmeal cookies :prepared by my husband. Rice cake A card for Daddy-From our daughter. The letter A- Our daughter has been working very hard on this, and she just doesn't know just how proud I am of her. -She'll be 3 this April. :) Ou


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