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Spring-Catchers: A DIY Craft Post

Hello everyone! Today, I want to share a fun and easy craft project called "Spring-catchers". This project involves creating beautiful window art using flower and other shape templates, paint, and flowers. It's a kid-friendly activity that the whole family can enjoy together.  I originally posted this craft back in 2015 when my oldest daughter was just a toddler, but I have updated it for you all to enjoy. I hope you have fun making these window catchers as much as we did! Spring-Catchers (Springtime sun-catchers) This fun and simple craft is perfect to welcome Spring. You will need the following materials: Materials - Paint (regular or water paint) - Pencil - Template (you can make your own for tulip, sun, and flower shapes) - Scissors - Tape - Flowers - Paintbrush - Paper If you are working with young children on this craft, it's recommended that a parent help with cutting out the shapes Trace and paint Create stencils of any flower design such as tulips,

Slowing down..

“Sometimes our stop-doing list needs to be bigger than our to-do list.”  ―  Patti Digh It has been a bit hectic around here. I think we're in need of rest. Our days seem long and hectic. Maybe soon... things will start slowing down. This week: -We continued our lessons. Reading lessons are slowing down. - Right now our oldest daughter is sick. Just a common cold. But she is definitely in need of rest. -Warm baths, vapor rub, and warm drinks. - This seems to be helping out some. I've washed and sanitized things around our house.  - So far little one, daddy and I are cold-free. I'm sure it will sneak up on me when I least expect it. We're still working on lessons and this week she's learning about ladybugs. Once she is feeling better, we'll head out and go on an outdoor adventure.  Our littlest one has been fussy. - Maybe she's teething?! I haven't seen or felt any teeth that may be coming in. She&#


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