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Do-It-Yourself Fairy Garden For Kids

This fun do-it-yourself fairy garden is so much fun to create with kids. My oldest daughter created a fairy garden by using her creativity and a few materials. You can create this magical fairy garden too! You will need: 1 pot. Choose a pot size that fits your needs for your fairy garden. Miniature fairy garden accessories of your choice.- My daughter used a pond, fairy house, mini table, fairy bench, fairy chair, a pot, and a basket Flowers. Depending on whether you want real flowers you would need potting soil. My daughter used faux flowers for her garden.  Styrofoam. -We went with a round piece.  Artificial craft moss  Note* You can pick up most of these supplies at any craft store. Optional for your fairy garden: Miniature craft birds Craft butterflies Miniature bird nest Craft gems  Craft rocks lights Water feature.- This would be a great addition to fairy gardens with real flowers.  Creating your fairy garden: Start off by placing your styr


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