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Metal Can Floral holder upcycled craft

  Hello everyone! I would love to share a quick upcycled craft with you. Today we're taking two metal cans and a paper bag and creating two floral holders. I am using faux floral for this craft as well. This is a simple DIY project. I am using a paper craft design punch out in this craft.  Metal Can Floral holder upcycled craft Materials needed Two metal cans Paper bag Acrylic chalk paint Paintbrush Faux floral Scissors Hot glue One craft foam block Optional- Ruler, pencil, and craft rocks Adding paint to the tin cans Start by taking your paintbrush and applying paint to your metal cans. I usually start by using a thin coat of paint to start with. After, I take my blow dryer and begin to dry between each coat of paint. I applied two coats of acrylic paint to each can. After using your paint, set your cans aside. Cutting your paper bag Next, take your paper bag and this is optional, but you can use a ruler to help when deciding how wide you will want your paper to be once you apply


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