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Crazylittlelovebirds Link Party #2

 Welcome to Crazylittlelovebirds Link Party #2    Share  your family-friendly posts, latest recipes, creative crafts, and inspiring home decor ideas. Let's start the party and see what amazing content we can all discover together! Featured posts From last week 8-18-23/8-22-23 Check out this review from An Artful Mom . She reviews two great products from Galen Leather Co.  The products are a Washi tape dispenser and a wooden Sketchbox. --They are beautiful! Check out her review here-- A Review of the Wooden Sketchbox and Washi Tape Dispenser from Galen Leather Co.   Esme, from EsmeSalon , shares with us this Buttermilk Spicy Pecan Bundt Cake recipe. And it sounds delicious! If you're anything like me and love pecans you will love this recipe!  Check out  her recipe here-- Buttermilk Spicy Pecan Bundt Cake Niki from Lifeasaleowife shares this beautiful fall entryway. She uses a blanket, pillows, cute pumpkins, and other decor items. Ready to decorate for Fall? Check out her fall

Easy Metal Tiered Tray Design: Create and decorate

Today, I'll show you how to make a tiered tray design using two metal trays and a metal candle holder. I found the metal trays at Target for $5 and picked up the candle holder at a Hobby Lobby clearance event last year. It's super simple! Easy Metal Tiered Tray Design: Create and decorate  Materials Spray paint- I used Magnolia Home Chalk paint Two metal trays-I picked these up at Target for $5 One metal candle holder Decorative Rub on transfers-I picked these leaf design transfers up at Dollar Tree E6000 or any heavy-duty adhesive Any Decorations for decorating your trays-I decided to use some of my fall decor Spray painting metal trays To begin, carefully take your metal trays and move them to a well-ventilated area. Set up an area to spray your metal cans. I used an old cardboard box and set my trays on it before I started spray painting.  I sprayed a layer on both trays and let them set for about 30 minutes before spraying on the next coat of paint. I left my trays for abou


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