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Simple Diy Autumn Floral Arrangement

  This simple Autumn floral arrangement takes just a few materials.  And is a beautiful addition to any space!  Materials needed 1 metal pitcher -The metal pitcher that I am using was purchased at Target and was $3. 1 lighted leaf garland - I purchased this lighted leaf garland at my local Michael's Store It takes two double A batteries. 1  can of spray paint I wanted to add some color to my pitcher. For my pitcher, I am using spray paint purchased at my local Michael's store. The color is Espresso. Autumn floral I chose to go with some deep orange/yellow leaves, a few deep green leaves, and mini yellow sunflowers.  (orange leaves and green leaves were purchased at Target in the dollar section.  And mini Sunflowers were purchased from Michael's). Creating your Autumn arrangement When spraying your pitcher make sure that you cover your workspace. **A simple tip** When spraying make sure you apply it in light coats. This will help the spray paint from creating drip lines. Als


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