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Indoor Snow Play Activity

Indoor snow play Are you looking for an engaging activity to keep your child occupied? Look no further! This hands-on activity is perfect for both little ones and big kids alike. Today it's cold and snowy outside, making it the perfect day to play in the snow.  This activity was a hit with my daughter - it's fun and a bit messy! Just make sure to clear an area beforehand for this creative play. Here are the materials you'll need to get started: To make your own play snow, you will need the following materials: cornstarch, shaving cream (a cheap bottle will suffice), glitter (optional), felt piece (if you want to build a snowman with a scarf), buttons, beads (light blue and white work well for snowflakes) and Christmas cookie cutters. If you want to add arms to your snowman, you'll also need a tree branch. To make the play snow, mix cornstarch and shaving cream together until you achieve a soft and pliable consistency. You don't need to measure the exact amounts,


Welcome, December... It's so nice to have you here. The past few days have honestly felt like a mini vacation with my family. It's been filled with delicious food, relaxation, and great quality time spent together. It has been absolutely wonderful. We welcomed December by making a snowflake garland and baking delicious gingerbread cookies.  We have spent our days enjoying family time. We've read books, taken long trips to the park, and worked on a few crafts. My husband and I have enjoyed a few game nights. A glass of wine, and boggle. It's one of my favorite games and it's always a wonderful time.  This year we decided to take our elf on the shelf out. We read the book to our daughter and ever since she found her elf hiding on the shelf in the living room she has been filled with excitement.  So December is here and I'm not sure what's in store for us this month. I sure hope there is more happiness, laughter, and more of this great love


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