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Happy Friday.

Hooray, it's Friday! -And we're having a lovely day. My energy is making a comeback, and I'm feeling wonderful. Jolly Ranchers and Ginger Ale help out when my morning sickness hits. This morning- our daughter enjoyed dancing around. Of course, she asked if I'd dance with her. We boogied to one of her singing-along CDs.- I cherish moments like these.  I've been blending smoothies.//Simple ones with fruit. This one included raspberries and milk.  Bath time- Our daughter enjoys her bath time storybooks.  Lunchtime- I made grilled cheese, with ham. -Simple and delicious. Sneaky mom spying through the kitchen window watching our pug soak up some sun. Food coloring/water-She's creating art.  My husband was born in Massachusetts, he mentioned Fluffernutter to a co-worker sometime back. This co-worker contacted one of his friends in Boston, who eventually sent him a huge box of this yummy goodness.  My husband arrived


Home is where- Giggles are heard, coffee is brewing, and time is spent with family. Home is where toys are scattered, tickles are given, and hugs and kisses are necessary.  Home is where memories are created, meals are prepared, and boo-boos are kissed, by mommy and daddy. Home is where-Silly faces are made, gardening is done, and learning is fun!  Home is where we kick up our feet after a long day and enjoy these simple, lovable moments. Our home is filled with love, and yes it can sometimes get a little chaotic...but boy I do love my time at home with my family. Home is where I feel most comfortable. “What I love most about my home is who I share it with.”  ―  Tad Carpenter Our little one's journal.  Korean fried rice. Indoor camping. :) Preparing pizza.

One winter day. Walk with us.

One winter day ... This day the sun was out, and everything in sight was beautiful. We adventured off into nature, (for about two hours). Breathing in the fresh air, and feeling the light breeze on our skin. Streams were flowing, birds were chirping, and we felt so much joy.-Being together, enjoying the warm weather.-Everything was absolutely perfect.  -So if you'd like...come walk with us. Thank you all for your kind words in my last post. I'm feeling much better, and this walk was something I needed. -Again, thank you. 


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