Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Sipsby|May Tea Box


“Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book.”

A little about Sipsby
Sipsby offers personalized tea boxes delivered right to your front door! Head over to sipsby.com/, take a quiz so they can learn more about you. That's really all you have to do! They will put all your information together, and start putting together a personalized tea box just for you.  Each month you'll get to explore different teas. 

My Sipsby tea box was such a delight! I really enjoyed this box. 

My box included 

Lemon cake Sips by, Red Rose

This was my favorite in my May box. 
Each sip was like biting into a slice of lemon cake. 
Caffeine-free, and flavors of Apple, Rosehip, natural flavor, lemon peel, orange peel, citric acid, and Stevia
If you're a fan of lemon cake, you will love this tea! 

Masala Chai Sips by, Tea India 

I really enjoyed the flavors of the clove, and cinnamon in this tea. 
This tea is high in caffeine, and flavors included are cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, cardamom, black tea, and ginger root. 
This tea is perfect with a splash of any milk of your choice, and sweetener. I used honey in my tea, and I found that the flavors were combined perfectly. Just the right amount of spice, and sweetness.

Wild Mint Sips by, Roar

Caffeine free.
Flavors included are organic green tea, and organic spearmint.
This tea was very smooth, with light spearmint flavor. If you enjoy the aroma, and taste of spearmint you will really like this one. 

Organic Peppermint Amour Sips by, Davids Tea

Caffeine free 
Flavors include, organic peppermint leaves from Oregon, and Washington State.

This tea was perfect, and the peppermint flavor was amazing! 

If you're interested in trying out your very own tea box, be sure to visit sipsby.com/
and be on your way to exploring new teas monthly! 


Monday, May 3, 2021

Super Easy Dollar Tree Spring Flower Display

 Super Easy Dollar Tree Spring  Flower Display

Are you looking to add a pop of color to your home decor, or just a simple Spring flower display? 

If so this simple DIY creation is perfect for you! 

Materials needed

-Artificial flowers of your choice

-1 vase/ or candle holder

(I actually found a cute candle holder to hold my flowers in)

Create your flower display

Arrange your flowers. 

I used a few purple, white and pink flowers for my display. 

You will want to add in some leaves, and also a few smaller flowers in the front of your display.

You're all done! 

Enjoy your Spring flower display.

(All of my materials were purchased at my local Dollar Tree store)

I'd love to hear from you...

Do you enjoy simple DIY projects?

 Are you creating anything new?

Let me know in the comments below.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Easy Succulent Centerpiece Table Decoration

 Easy Succulent Centerpiece Table Decoration

Hello! I'm so happy that you decided to check out this easy succulent decoration project. 
 I was inspired to create this centerpiece after my sister had mentioned she was looking at purchasing a succulent wax burner.  So my design does not include a wax burner, but if you stick around I'll tell you how you can create your very own succulent centerpiece table decoration. 

Materials Needed

❤ Artificial Succulents and a flower 
For my design I used 4 succulent plants
I purchased my  artificial succulents from my local Walmart
(Make sure to check your local dollar store as well)

❤ A wooden bowl
I purchased my wooden bowl at Walmart. 
You can actually find any container of your choice at your local craft store

❤ A package of craft rocks
My rocks were purchased at Walmart, but you can try shopping at your local dollar store, or craft store.

❤ Assorted green glass rocks
I purchased these at my local dollar tree

❤ One battery operated candle


Glue- this is for gluing down a middle piece to hold your candle. I'll explain more about this later

A pot- I used a plastic pot from when I purchased my pepper plant.

Spray paint- this is only used if you are using a middle piece for your candle

Creating your succulent decor

Start off with positioning where you would like your candle to go inside of your bowl.
I placed my candle in the middle of the bowl. Once you have done this step, take your candle, and place it inside of your pot. (I used a plastic pot, and applied glue over the bottom section. This will allow you to glue the pot to the bottom of your bowl, and this will make an easy insert for your candle.)
I did this step because I did not want for rocks to slide every time I were to take my candle out to turn it off and on. Using this pot for your candle to be inserted will eliminate rocks from filling the center of your bowl. It creates a barrier around your candle.

Once you have made sure that your candle will fit inside of your pot, take some spray paint and paint your pot. (This step will also depend on which pot you are using.)
If you already have a pot with a color you would like, simply skip the spray paint step.
After spray painting your pot, add it into your bowl. If you are using a pot that has some weight to it, you can skip the glue step. Once you have added your bowl inside of your pot, add in your rocks. Make sure to fill your rocks up to the top part of your pot. 

Insert your candle, and add in a few of your glass rocks. Taking a your succulents, arrange them around your candle. Take your succulents and poke them through the rocks. I added a few white flowers around my succulents. I thought this helped to bring a little more softness to my centerpiece. 

You're all done! It really is a simple DIY project, and it looks absolutely beautiful. You can add this in any room in your home.  The cost for this project was around $25. I'm sure you can come in at a lower price if you find your items discounted. 

I hope you have enjoyed this simple DIY project! If you end of making this, please let me know! I'd love to hear how your centerpiece turns out!  



Sipsby- April Tea Box


Sipsby April Tea Box

Sipsby offers personalized tea boxes delivered right to your front door! Head over to sipsby.com/, take a quiz so they can learn more about you. That's really all you have to do! They will put all your information together, and start putting together a personalized tea box just for you.  Each month you'll get to explore different teas. 

My April box was perfect. 
 A cup of tea is perfect as we approach rainy days, and more evenings spent on the porch.
This box included teas that were full of flavor, and lovely aromas. 

Explore my box with me...

Moroccan Mint- Sips by Steep Society
Green Tea Spearmint. 
A perfect blend of both flavors. 
This tea was perfect for those who enjoy the flavor of spearmint. 

You're A Peach- Sips by Tea Head
Flavors included: Green Tea, Papaya pieces, apple, sweet blackberry leaves, Marigold Petals, Peach pieces, and natural flavorings.
I loved this tea! This was a favorite. 
The Peach flavor stood out the most to me, but you could also taste a bit of the apple, and sweet blackberry. 

Dandelion Red Chai -Sips by Teeccino
Flavors : Roasted carob, rooibos, chicory, dates, dandelion root, cinnamon, ginger, natural spice flavor, cardamom, sweet blackberry leaves, black pepper, and cloves. 
This tea was full of flavor, and for me I enjoyed this with a splash of almond milk. I thought it went well with the cinnamon. 

Black Gunpowder- Sips by Made Of Tea

This tea was very aromatic, and is also described as full-bodied black tea. It is carefully hand- processed by tea experts in Fujian Province, China. 
This tea was very smooth, and is high in caffeine. I enjoyed a cup in the morning, and I must say it caught me by surprise. Full of flavor, and each sip was smooth. 

I absolutely love my Sipsby tea boxes. 
Each month I'm able to explore a new tea, and I love sharing my tea experience with you all. 
Remember to check them out, and take the quiz! You will soon be on your way to being matched with your very own tea box.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

My March Tea Box By Sipsby.- Tea Subscription Box Review


Sipsby- March Tea

Sipsby offers personalized tea boxes delivered right to your front door! Head over to sipsby.com/, take a quiz so they can learn more about you. That's really all you have to do! They will put all your information together, and start putting together a personalized tea box just for you.  Each month you'll get to explore different teas. 

My March Tea box was wonderful. It was both cozy, and filled with a great selection of teas. 

My box included:

Lemon & Ginger Sips by- TEAPIGS

Caffeine free
Flavors included lemongrass, lemon peel, and ginger

This tea had such a wonderful aroma of lemon and ginger. If you love lemon, and ginger you will love this tea.  Grab your favorite book, and cozy up while sipping this tea. 

Nepali Breakfast  Sips by- Nepal Tea

Caffeine level high
Black Tea
Spices included, Black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom

This tea is perfect, and can be brewed with milk and/or sugar to enhance the taste. With each tea you get to enjoy the bold spices. I really enjoyed this tea in the morning.

Double Bergamot Earl Grey Sips by -Stash Tea

Caffeine level high

Black Tea, Bergamot oil

This tea is perfect for a morning sip. 

Full of flavor, but also smooth.  It steeps around 3-5 mins, and is perfect having with a bagel, or pastries. 

Organic Honey Vanilla Moringa Tea Sips by -Miracle Tree

Caffeine- Free

Flavors of  natural honey, and vanilla.

Organic Moringa Oleifera leaves

This tea is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It is perfect for restoring daily dietary imbalances. With each sip you enjoy the flavors of honey, and vanilla. 

I really enjoyed my March tea box. Each tea had its own unique flavors, and that is what I love when receiving my subscription box each month. I look forward to exploring my April box. I'll be back to share the details on that box soon. 


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Personalized Tea Box By Sipsby.- My February Tea Box Review


 My February tea box by Sipsby was a hit!

I absolutely loved this box, and I'd love to share with you what tea goodies that were included in my box this month. 

Sipsby offers personalized tea boxes delivered right to your front door! Head over to sipsby.com/, take a quiz so they can learn more about you. That's really all you have to do! They will put all your information together, and start putting together a personalized tea box just for you.  Each month you'll get to explore different teas. 

Teas included in my box

 Organic Cinnamon Rooibos Chai Sips by, Davids Tea.

  This tea included organic Rooibos, cinnamon, apples, and natural cinnamon flavoring. 
 Caffeine free, and full of flavor.
 This tea is packed with vitamins, and minerals. Each sip gives you a nice, smooth cinnamon flavor. This was very enjoyable, and great for just sipping during the evening hours.
Steep time 4-5 minutes 

Apricot Sunrise Sips by, Ahmad Tea

Caffeine level high.
Black tea with apricot pieces 
This tea was one of my favorites included in my box. A very smooth taste of apricot. Perfect for those who love the fruity flavored teas. 
Steep time 3-5 minutes.

Strawberry Blend Sips by Tea Head

Flavors included- Elderberries, Hibiscus, Apple, Black Currants Flavoring, Blackberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, and Wild Strawberry Leaves.
This loose leaf tea is packed with vitamins. This tea is the perfect fruit blend. 
Steep time 10 minutes. 

Pink Citrus Magik Sips by, Tea Kitten

Low caffeine
Flavors included- Green Tea, Apple, Purple Dragon Fruit, Lemongrass, Blue Butterfly Pea Blossoms, Pomelo, Lemon Peel, and Watermelon Flavoring.
This is a perfect  light fruity, citrusy green tea blend. 
Steep 2 minutes. 

My February tea box was perfect! 
With every sip, I was able to explore new flavors that I had never tried before. 
If you're ready to try your very own box out, head on over to the Sipsby website, and take the personalized tea quiz. You'll soon be on your way sipping teas that were picked out just for you! 

I hope you enjoyed my  February tea box. 


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Monday, January 11, 2021

5 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


Valentine's Day will be here before we know it, and this is the perfect time to start planning, and gathering a few gift ideas.  Here are a few valentine's day gift ideas that are perfect to show your love, and appreciation. 

1. The love jar. - Design a jar, and fill it with some love notes. This is perfect for giving to someone you care about. If you're interested in creating your own be sure to check out my DIY love jar post. The love jar

2. Baking together Valentine's box- This box is perfect for those who want to bake a sweet treat together. This box should include two aprons, ingredients for your baked goodies, a candle, and a recipe card. If you want to get creative go for some plain aprons, this way you can decorate them. You can even iron on a picture of you and your special someone.

3. The Valentine playlist - This one is pretty simple. Simply put together a playlist of songs that you love, and make you think of your loved one. 

4. The DIY ceramic paint box- This box is perfect for those who would like to enjoy an evening painting together. Your box should include paint brushes, paint, and  ceramics of your choice.

5. DIY conversation starter cards- This is a favorite of mine. Find yourself some blank cards, and come up with some questions to ask your partner. Add in a few special cards that let them know just how much you appreciate, and care for them. 

Do you celebrate Valentine's day? If so, what are your plans to show your love, and appreciation for your special person in your life? I'd love to hear about it. Feel free and leave a comment below. 

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