Sunday, October 3, 2021

DIY Coffee Station Table

 Hi guys! I had been planning on creating a coffee station to display my Keurig, and other coffee accessories. My husband, and I took a trip to Lowes. While we were there I decided we could build our own table to go in our coffee station just outside of the kitchen. I was pretty surprised at how easy it  was, and I am pretty excited with how it turned out. Let's dive in and I'll give you all the details on this DIY home project.

DIY Coffee Station Table

Materials needed

2 packs of the Hairpin Metal legs

(one pack comes with two metal legs)

$22 each

1 spruce project wood panel

Metrie 3/4inx16inx36in


1 can of Minwax wood finish pentrating stain 8 fl oz/ 237 mL 

(I went with Honey 272 as my color choice)


Minwax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner 8 fl oz


2 sponge brushes

For this project we used a speed square to mark lines on the wood.

And you will also need a drill

Creating your table

I want to mention that you can use any size that is more appropriate for your space or even cut the wood to your preferred size when building your table.

Start off with your Minwax conditioner, and sponge brush. Apply the conditioner onto the front, and sides of the wood surface. You can also apply it to the under side of the wood if you would like.  Allow this to dry. We went with a drying time of 30 minutes since we were working outside on this project. The product directions mentions allowing it to dry around 15 minutes, but we wanted to give it a little longer. 

Next, take your speed square and mark lines one inch from the edge. This is for squaring off the legs. Before you start drilling the main holes on your wood, be sure to make pilot holes. By creating pilot holes with your drill this will ensure that the wood does not split.

Next, we took our drill and set the depth gauge onto the drill. This helps to ensure that when drilling we would not go all the way through the wood. (If you don't have a depth gauge, you can take some painters tape and add it to your drill bit. This is will help your drill bit from going all the way through when you drill.)

If you purchase the metal legs kit, your kit will include screws. You are now ready to insert your screws into the wood, and attach your metal legs.  

Continuing your table project

Next take your wood stain, and apply it over your wood surface.
 Once you have applied your wood stain, be sure to set it aside and allow it to fully dry overnight.  Polyurethane is recommended to protect the wood before it is complete. (This of course is optional, and entirely up to  what you would like for your wood surface)

Your table is now complete. I purchased a set of 3 baskets from my local Lowes store. I ended up using two of the baskets for this project. I figured I would use one basket to put my K-cups in, and the other basket would hold our coffee bean canisters, and other coffee accessories. 

We set up our coffee station, and later enjoyed a nice cup of coffee! 

Let me know in the comment below if you decide to create your very own coffee station table. 

I'll see you soon! 

Saturday, October 2, 2021

September Treated Us Well.- Happenings and Sipsby Tea


Ah sweet September...
You treated us well.

September is my birth month, and it is also the birth month for my youngest.
This month was full of laughter, joy, and beautiful moments.  This month I really just took some time to work on a few things I could do to better myself, and so I set out on a new adventure.  If you haven't had the time to check out my second blog, I would love if you did!
I decided to create that blog so that I could focus on my home, and craft posts! I will still share on this blog, but that blog focuses on just that. I will take you through step by step processes on creating affordable crafts! I also started a YouTube channel. Yes, I finally did it. I figured since I love creating crafts, and working on home projects I would love to share it with you all. So if you're interested in seeing more my channel is, Steph Creates-DIY Home & Crafts.

This month we have been working on simple projects around the house. We recently started building a privacy screen around our firepit. So far, so good. It is coming along smoothly. I've done a lot of staining wood, and my husband has been busy building. I found a few design ideas, and presented him with a few, and finally I narrowed it down to exactly what I wanted for that space. 

Life can sometimes feel a bit hectic, but when things slow down, we are able to enjoy. Our girls are doing well. They are seriously growing so fast. I really do wish there was a time machine, and I could go back in time. I have to remind myself that it is okay that they are growing, and no matter what my love remains the same. I just want them to always know that I am here, and that I love them no matter what. 

I rarely watch the news. I rather not know what bad things are happening around the world. I feel like my mind is already a bit busy, and that will only be more of a distraction.  

This month I received my Sipsby box, and I was excited. I was mostly excited to see if there were any teas to welcome the Fall season. If you're a regular reader on my blog, you probably already know all about Sipsby. 

About Sipsby

Sipsby offers personalized tea boxes delivered right to your front door! Head over to, take a quiz so they can learn more about you. That's really all you have to do! They will put all your information together, and start putting together a personalized tea box just for you.  Each month you'll get to explore different teas.  

My September Sipsby Box

Wild Strawberry -Sips by Davidson's Organic Teas
High in caffeine

This tea is so refreshing. Every sip has a light, delicious taste of strawberry. 
It is an organic black tea made with natural flavor. It includes dried strawberry powder. I really enjoyed this tea, and I loved that you could also enjoy this tea over ice.

Apple Spice- Sips by Steep & Sip

What a perfect tea to sip to welcome Fall! I really enjoyed this tea. Perfect for this cozy weather. Every sip was amazing. This tea includes apple pieces, cinnamon, rose hips, and organic orange peel, and much more. This was definitely my favorite in my September box. 

Immune Booster Sips by Akshar

This tea was included in my September box, and I thought this was perfect to arrive as the cooler weather arrives. It is perfect since we could all use a boost with our immune system. Definitely would say give this tea a try. We all take out multivitamins, and just being able to sip a tea for that extra boost is wonderful. 

Earl Grey Sips by The Tea Heaven

I love that this tea is packed with so many health benefits, and taste amazing! It was refreshing, and citrusy. I enjoyed sipping this tea in the evening when things were less hectic, and it was time to unwind. 

Be sure to check out Sipsby, and take your quiz to see what teas are a perfect fit for you! 

September treated us well. And I hope the same goes for all of you.
As always, sending happy, positive vibes your way!


Monday, August 30, 2021

August Vibes, and Sipsby Tea Review


August treated us well, other than the mid 90 degree weather, and school starting. I'd say I am still very thankful, and feel fortunate to be able to take in each day, and be with my family.

August consisted of school starting,  new job searches for my husband, and new blog opportunities for me. I am forever thankful to all of you that continue to reach out, and those of you who come by, and read my content. This month my content was featured on Hometalk, and I have had a few other blog opportunities. - Thank you!

 And for those of you who follow along, I'd love if you checked out my other blog over at I started this blog so that I can display more of my crafts. It is a space that will feature just my DIY crafts, and other home projects. 

This month I received my August tea box, and as always Sipsby left me impressed! If you haven't heard of Sipsby here's a little about who they are, and what they do.

A little about Sipsby

Sipsby offers personalized tea boxes delivered right to your front door! Head over to, take a quiz so they can learn more about you. That's really all you have to do! They will put all your information together, and start putting together a personalized tea box just for you.  Each month you'll get to explore different teas. 

Let's take a look inside of my August tea box

Sugar Cookie Sweetheart- Sips by, Cookie Tea

Can we just say that this was my absolute favorite in my August box! 
Every sip was like I was enjoying a sugar cookie, and it was so delicious. 
This tea is a loose leaf tea, and I thought it was so cute how there was little sugar hearts. Steep for 5 minutes, and enjoy! 

Sunshower Spice-Sips by, Rainy Day Tea CO

This tea is perfect for Fall time. When I first opened the package, the aroma was everything! Flavors included, cinnamon, apple bits, cardamom seeds, sweet blackberry leaves. This tea steeps for 5-7 mins, and is packed with delicious spices, and really puts you in the Autumn vibe.

Chocolate Mint Oolong tea- Sips by, Stash Tea
Medium caffeine 
Steep 3-5 mins

This was my evening tea. Perfect for sipping after a long day. 
flavors included chocolate, and mint. If you love those two flavors, you will love this tea! 
Perfect for evening sips.

Mango Magic- Sips by, Ahmad tea
High caffeine 

Hello mango! If you are a mango fan, this tea is definitely for you. It is a black tea, and is packed with mango goodness. This tea provided some great mango flavors, and tastes wonderful with a little honey. Steep for 3-5 mins, and enjoy!

Sending happy, positive vibes to all! 
August, you treated us well.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Atlas Tea Club- My Tea Box Review

Atlas Tea Club

A World Of Tea Delivered

A little about Atlas tea club

Atlas tea club takes you on an adventure exploring different teas around the globe. With each box, you explore new flavors, cultures, and communities with each sip. Each month you are given the opportunity to explore a new country. 

How it works

On their website you'll first choose your caffeine preference, tea preference, and the amount of tea you wish to have delivered to your front door. You have the option of trying two teas each month, or you can try one unique tea each month. You can explore tea from Japan, Nepal, South Korea, India, and Indonesia, and many more.

My Tea box

I was so excited when I received my Atlas tea box. I was able to explore tea from Eastern Nepal. I absolutely loved how a postcard was included in my box that gave me a brief history lesson on Nepal. A bit of history on the Region, tea history, and also tea notes were included on my postcard. My box also included one Reusable  tea bag, and a few all-natural recyclable tea filters. 

My Tea experience

Kumari Gold: pure black tea/high caffeine/5 min steep time

Tasting notes included, caramel, baked fruit, and honey. When I steeped my tea there was such a lovely aroma of  caramel. This tea was smooth, and very enjoyable after a long day. It was mentioned that there was notes of apple, raisin, and malt. I must say that every sip was smooth, and I could taste a bit of of the baked fruit. This tea quickly became my favorite morning sip.

White Prakash: pure white tea/ medium caffeine/4 min steep time

Tasting notes included, vanilla, spring blossoms, and muscatel. Each sip left me feeling refreshed. I could taste some vanilla, but what I really noticed was how light, and refreshing each sip was. This tea is perfect for those who love sipping tea, but also want something light, and refreshing when the evening sun sets.  This tea was perfect, and I honestly could not wait for my next cup.

I'm so happy that I was given this opportunity to try out some amazing teas from Nepal. 

So when you're ready, allow Atlas Tea Club to take you on a tea journey! One that is delivered to your front door, and made just for you. 

Do you enjoy tea? Could you see yourself giving this tea box as a gift to someone special? I'd love to hear from you. Feel free, and leave a comment below.


Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Sipsby. July Tea Box


July was hot! But that didn't stop me from enjoying my delicious teas by Sipsby. 

A little about Sipsby

Sipsby offers personalized tea boxes delivered right to your front door! Head over to, take a quiz so they can learn more about you. That's really all you have to do! They will put all your information together, and start putting together a personalized tea box just for you.  Each month you'll get to explore different teas. 

What was inside my July tea box.

Chocolate Raspberry Sips by, Teeccino


steeping time 3-5 minutes

Tea includes, organic cocoas powder, natural chocolate and raspberry, organic barley, organic roasted carob, and organic chicory. 

This tea is perfect for those who love chocolate! The flavors were wonderful, and it was a delicious evening sip. I made mine with a splash of almond milk, and enjoyed it on a rainy evening.

Mint Melange Sips by, Salada 


steep for 3-5 minutes

Tea includes,  peppermint, spearmint, sweet blackberry leaf, lemon peel, and lemongrass.

Every sip was smooth, with delicious flavors of spearmint, and peppermint. 

Matcha Green Tea Sips by, Tea Drops

Medium Caffeine

Tea includes, Organic premium Matcha green tea, and organic cane sugar

This full-bodied matcha green tea was perfect! 

Fill your cup with hot water, and drop in your tea drop, and allow it to dissolve. I enjoyed my tea with a splash of almond milk, and a teaspoon of honey. It was delicious, and such a soothing tea. This was one of my favorite teas from my July box. 

Lemon Creme Black Tea Sips by, Shantea Thyme

Contains Caffeine. 

Loose leaf tea. 

Steep for 3-5 minutes

Tea includes, Ceylon black tea, lemon peel, and Australian Lemon Verbena 

This tea is beautifully flavored with lemon. 

Monday, July 19, 2021

Our Summer Days.

 "It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside."-Maud Hart Lovelace

I've taken a little break from blogging, and it has felt wonderful. I've been enjoying my summer with my children, and my husband.  These days we are busy with projects, and just really having some summer fun! We recently took on a tie dye project, and had such a great time with that project. We visited our local craft store, and picked up a few things to dye. We ended up with bags, pillowcases, shirts, and hats. I forgot just how messy this project can get! 

I recently decided to join Instagram. I know a lot of bloggers have many social media outlets where they share their blog posts. I guess I need to catch up. If you'd like to follow our adventures, feel free and follow, and please let me know that you are following, and I would love to follow you back!

Some days are hot, and other days we are fortunate to receive some rain, and I can honestly say that I cherish those rainy days. We have checked out a few E-books from our local library, and on those really hot days, we stay in and read. 

Coffee dates are happening on the back porch. My husband and I really enjoy drinking coffee, and being able to drink our coffee together when the heat goes away in the evening, is something we look forward to. 

My garden is in full bloom. My clematis vines are growing at a very fast speed. I didn't do too much in the vegetable garden this year. I am growing a few pepper plants, and onions for now. Next year I am hoping that I'll get a little more into my gardening. 

We have three toads that have decided to make their homes in two of our window wells. They are the cutest!  

Our summer days are full of sunshine, laughter, crafts, and making sweet memories. 

How are you spending your summer days? I'd love to hear all about it. 

Until next time,


Tie Dye project

Tie dye hat

Lilies in my garden

Summer fun at the park

My clematis vine

One of the cute toads

Thursday, July 1, 2021

My June Sipsby Tea box


Sunny days.
Some rainy days.
But always a sip tea kind of day.
My June box was filled with some great tasting teas!

A little about Sipsby

Sipsby offers personalized tea boxes delivered right to your front door! Head over to, take a quiz so they can learn more about you. That's really all you have to do! They will put all your information together, and start putting together a personalized tea box just for you.  Each month you'll get to explore different teas. 

The Sanguine Strawberry- Sips by, Tea Goblin

This tea was my favorite!
Flavors included, strawberries, and  raspberry. I love that it was a green tea, and low caffeine. This tea is perfect both hot, and iced. On a hot summer day, you can brew this tea, add ice, and sweetener of your choice! Sit back, and enjoy the fruity flavors.

Organic Mint Fields- Sips by, The Republic Of Tea

This tea is made of organic spearmint, peppermint, and lemon balm. 
Caffeine- free, and very refreshing!  I added a little honey, and it was perfect. 

Orange Passionfruit Moringa Energy Infusion-Sips by, Miracle Tea

This tea included Moringa dried leaves, black tea, hibiscus, orange peel, and other organic natural flavoring.
This tea is perfect for replacing coffee since it has 155mg organic caffeine tea extract. It is an excellent tea for a quick energy boost. 

Lemongrass and Ginger- Sips by, Pukka

Caffeine free.
Flavors include lemon grass, ginger root, Licorice root, lemon verbena lemon leaf, and lemongrass essential oil flavor. All ingredients are organically grown. 

This tea was definitely packed with flavor! If you enjoy ginger, and lemongrass this tea is a perfect combination of both flavors.  Perfect for an evening sip! 

So until my next tea box, I'll visit with you all soon! 
Sip tea, and be happy❤

Much love,

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