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Two. We celebrated your 2nd birthday.  And oh what a beautiful day it was. You are absolutely lovely.  Your laughter fills the room and your eyes light up with joy. Your smile is something we all adore. You're full of adventure and you're brave as can be.  You're growing. And we love you more and more each day. We hope that you enjoyed your day. We love you little one. Love, mom.

Lately. September days...

Lately, The cooler weather has arrived. Today our high was in the '60s.  I've made two recent trips to pick up my Pumpkin spice latte. And if you haven't tried the pumpkin scone, you seriously have to as soon as possible. The leaves are slowly changing color and we're finding more scattered over our lawn. I love this change. I'm currently burning my apple spice candle. It smells like I just baked an apple pie. Speaking of apples, I recently made some bloomin' apples . They were so delicious. The girls were asleep and my husband and I enjoyed this time together. We sat and enjoyed every last bite.  Our oldest daughter is doing very well in school.  She loves her schedule and the fact that she is home with me. Her teacher recently moved her up to first-grade math. She tested out of kindergarten math and now we are working with her teacher on other subjects. She's ahead for kindergarten and her teacher has notice


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