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Peaceful Moment.

This week has been very busy.-labs, appointments, lessons, and lots of art with the little ones. This peaceful moment... came shortly after my doctor's visit. A nice cup of hot green tea with honey. I sat for a few. Enjoying this moment. What was your peaceful moment for this week? ***** Each Thursday, I'll be posting a photo taken during a peaceful moment.

Colorful Coffee Filter Heart wreaths.- Simple craft post

Who says Coffee filters are just for packing coffee grinds in... This simple, colorful, and fun craft is great for all. “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” — Albert Einstein Materials needed: -Coffee filters -Round plastic lid (I actually used a plastic lid for the back of our wreath). You can also use cardboard.  -Scissors -Paper (this will be used for creating your hearts). -Tape -Paint (we used watercolor paint). Start off with gathering your coffee filters.  You'll want to tape off the bottom of each coffee filter. Doing this will actually give it some shape.  Next, apply paint to each coffee filter. I found that using watercolor paint made it easier to apply paint on each filter. Next, take each filter and tape it to your round plastic/cardboard piece.  If you are wanting hearts on your wreath, you'll want to take some paper and create hearts. Paint them, and also you can add some glitter.- This is optional. 

Sweet little hearts garland.- A simple craft post.

We love art in our home.  Creating art and displaying art. This simple craft project is fun for all ages. Materials needed: -paper -watercolor paints -water -scissors -tape -heart shape cut out (I actually used a cookie cutter to trace my heart). - sewing needle -thread (I used two colors). First, start off with your paper and watercolor.  Create your art. I used a variety of colors. I wanted soft colors. So I went with light purple, pink, and a lighter blue.   Remember to have fun with it.- You can make stripes, dots, and much more.  Once you are finished, allow some time for your art to completely dry before moving on to the next step. Next, you'll want to grab your heart shape cut out, or a heart-shaped cookie cutter. You can also use a heart stencil for this project. I had a heart-shaped cookie cutter, and figured that would do the job!  Trace a few hearts over your watercolor art, and once you have done that,


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