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Saturday love....

It's been a lovely Saturday. Breakfast, Barnes and noble for story time with our daughter, and then a nice nature walk. (It was beautiful out). Oh and let me not forget I was able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee with my husband. It’s the end of our day, and I was able to get my run and video in for tonight’s workout. I can finally relax. I hope everyone has had a wonderful Saturday.

Hello Friday!

I'm happy to see Friday has arrived. It has been such a busy week for both my daughter and I. We have attended play dates, gone to the park, and of course I can’t forget about toddler time, and story time at the local library. Today we had a park play date after toddler time at the library; it was a little chilly out so we moved to an indoor play center. (Oh how fun) The girls really enjoyed themselves. I’m hoping this weekend won’t be so fast paced. I really enjoy having my morning cup of coffee on the weekend with my husband. So any plans for you this weekend? I think my husband is planning on tackling a few projects around the house. We are really into home projects; we recently built our daughter a table set, which I absolutely love! I went with a very light pink color for her table, and then did a light purple for her chair. We still need to build the three other chairs. My husband and I have been reading a book together, on communication; we do this every other night.

He had a better plan

Today I look back on everything that has happened in my life, and I can honestly say that God had a better plan. For every situation....God had it all planned out. The moment I held our daughter in my hospital bed, I knew the years we tried over and over to have her, God had a better plan. It was all in his time. And what an amazing time it was. I’m thankful for every struggle I have had in my life. To anyone who has ever done me wrong, God had a plan...I forgive them all, and I've taken something from each of them, and I've learned that I’m a much better person, and some people just need guidance. Today I'm just a better person; I have allowed myself to grow. I'm proud of who I am, and where I am in my life. God has always had a better plan...all I needed was to just be patient. -Stephanie

Lovely day!

Today it’s beautiful out! (I’m so thankful for the weather we have been having here in Colorado). This morning I ended up taking my daughter to story time. They read a few books, and then the kids all did a craft. After we went to the park to enjoy this lovely weather, and while we were there I met someone new. Its always nice meeting another mommy. We let our daughters play together, it was really nice. I try and keep my daughter on a schedule so we played for a little at the park, and then we ended up leaving so we could have lunch and she could take her nap. So lately my daughter is really into her flip books, her favorite is "where is spot" by Eric Hill, she loves flipping each picture open to see what’s behind it. It's really adorable. I usually do different voices for each animal in the book. Does your child enjoy flip books? How are you enjoying your day today?

sleepless night, starbucks, and a much needed nap!

Last night was a sleepless night in our home. Our daughter decided she was not going to sleep in her room, and she cried for me "momma"......over and over, until we just figured it would be easier to bring her to our bed. Well that didn't work and she was tossing and turning. (Oh and kicking, and taking over my pillow)-The joys of parenthood :) It wasn't until around 3 in the morning when she finally called it quits and went back to sleep in her room. Today I had a dental appointment, and ouch! I had some work done, and of course I'm not a big fan of the shots they give, and cringe just thinking about them. But I got that out of the way, and after my husband and I met up at Starbucks. We enjoyed a little family time while we sipped on our coffee. Today I was in need of a nap, and took advantage of it while my daughter napped. My husband ended up cleaning the kitchen for me, which helped out so much. I really appreciate when he does those little things around
The weather this weekend has been pretty nice here in Colorado. This weekend I just enjoyed being with my family. Saturday I went past any excuses I had keeping me from working out and went for it! I missed my work out on Friday, so I made it up by running a mile, and doing my firm express video. The firm express system is great; it comes with 13 DVDs and has 4 cycles. (Cycle 1- ignite, Cycle 2-accelerate, Cycle 3-turbocharge, and Cycle4-overdrive) I purchased this set on It also comes with a bonus video which is 10 minutes. I completed the 30 days of this system, and now I’ve been adding it in with my regular workout schedule. What do you do to keep motivated? I find that there are times that I am just so tired, but I try and push through.


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