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Peaceful moment.

This peaceful moment... My four-year-old was thrilled to see  how her crystal heart turned out. ***** Below I've included instructions on making your very own crystal hearts. What was your peaceful moment for this week? ***** Each Thursday, I'll be posting a photo taken during a peaceful moment. How to make your own crystal hearts. 1 Clear jar 4 Tablespoons of Borax (Detergent booster) 1 Pipe cleaner. (Any color will work) Boiling water, -around 3 cups. String Pencil We started out by making a heart shape using our pipe cleaner. Take your clear jar and set it aside. Now it's time to boil your water. (You can either boil your water on the stove, or in the microwave). While it's boiling, tie the string to the middle of the pencil. And taking the other end of your string attach it to your heart shape. Next, pour the boiling water into the jar. Add in 4 tablespoons of Borax . Give it a nice stir. Make sure it all dissolves.


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