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Little colorful box monster. A craft for little hands

This hands-on craft is so much fun! At times it can get a little messy, but it's tons of fun. My daughter absolutely enjoyed this fun craft. We named it- Little colorful box monster. It's colorful and designed by my daughter.  For this craft you will need: -An empty box. -We used a tissue box.  -Craft/construction paper -Scissors -Paint -Glue stick  -and anything you would like to add to your little monster. stamps, stickers, beads-etc. Since we used a tissue box we can easily insert items into the monster's mouth. -Mail, battery-operated candles, candy, and more!  Get creative when designing your monster box. Cover your box with craft paper. We chose white paper. This made it easy for my daughter to paint and create her own look for it. We added some teeth and a few sparkly stick-on. I promise your kids will enjoy this craft! :) Thanks for stopping by!  Hello and welcome new readers! 

Simple and cute snack container

Looking for a simple and cute snack container? Check out this DIY tutorial on how to create an adorable snack container using reused materials. It's an eco-friendly and creative way to store your favorite snacks! When we're out and about, we like to bring along some snacks, especially for our daughter in case we're gone for a while. Recently, I made a practical and adorable snack container by repurposing an empty Nesquik chocolate milk container. Materials -Scissors -Craft paper -Glue -washi tape (optional) Step 1: Adding the paper to the container  Start by aligning the craft paper with the container, then glue it on.  After completing step 1, add some washi tape to the bottom of the container for additional design.  All that is left is to fill your container with a few snacks and goodies.  You have completed the task! Enjoy your easy-to-carry snack container, which is very useful and saves money on buying new containers. Reusin


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