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DIY Upcycled Sesame Oil Glass Bottle Design

Hello everyone! I hope all is well with you. After finishing my sesame oil, I decided to reuse the glass jar it came in as it had nice details on it. This craft only cost me around $2 for a floral sticker pack. I already had all the other materials on hand. Materials needed Chalk Paint  I'm using the colors celery and mineral Craft gems Paintbrush One faux vine Hot glue A few floral stickers Applying paint to the glass jar To begin, get an empty jar and wash it. I recommend using a dishwasher, especially if there's any scent left inside. Wait for it to dry before painting it. Use a paintbrush to apply a few coats of your main color; in this case, it's celery. Remember to apply around three coats to make it look nice and even. Once you have added a few coats of paint, allow it to completely dry.  Once dry, take your second paint, and add it around the bottom, and top sections of your bottle. Adding craft gems to the glass bottle Next, add a little hot glue on the back of you


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