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Peaceful moment.

This peaceful moment... This was taken in September 2014. It took place on a hiking trail nearby.  The weather was absolutely beautiful, and these sunflowers blew gently in the wind. I paused for a second and embraced the beauty of summer.  What was your peaceful moment for this week? ***** Each Thursday, I'll be posting a photo taken during a peaceful moment.

Home.- Lately

Cooking. Cleaning. Warmer weather. Lessons. Playtime. Library visits. Here we are. - Warmer weather has arrived. Okay, but wait just one minute... we're being told we'll get some colder weather this week. - Maybe even another snow shower. I've come to expect this kind of weather. We're definitely looking forward to spring. Lately, our trips to our local library are happening more often. I'll usually pick out a few books for both girls. - Every so often, my daughter will want to pick out her own books. She's constantly reminding me about how much, and how fast she is growing. I recently checked out a book on fun ways to garden for the whole family. I'm sure we'll get some good use out of this book. Last year I planted a few vegetables in pots. I'm thinking about expanding this year. - A bigger garden, and a lot more herbs. Do you like to garden? Last month, I made a large batch of Kimchi.


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