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Hello November. Lately

It's way cooler now. - There's a gentle breeze that fills the air. One might even say it's colder out in the evenings. Honestly, I've always enjoyed cooler weather. We're all wearing thicker coats and the little ones wear their mittens and fuzzy little hats. I've set out our snow shovels and ice scrapers. - I'm not thrilled about it, but I know soon enough we'll get some use out of it. I've cleared out my tomato plants and picked the rest of my peppers to bring in. - I'll probably add them in when we make our homemade salsa. -Or maybe even use them to spice up our tacos. Lately, I have really enjoyed blueberries. -Blueberry crumbles, blueberry crepes, blueberry sauce topped on ice cream. I’m sure you get the point!  When the air is warmer, we spend our time playing at the park. -Honestly, I really enjoy walks during this time of year. In our home, I've set out a few fall decorations. -One that is


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