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Dollar Tree Block Calendar Transformed It Into A Christmas Countdown

Transform a Dollar Tree block calendar into a festive Christmas countdown with this easy and creative DIY makeover. Get inspired to make your holiday decor on a budget. Hi everyone! It's been a while since I posted a new craft on this blog. If you haven't already, swing by my craft blog and take a look at all the new Christmas crafts!   Today, I wanted to share a simple calendar transformation. This craft just takes a block calendar. I purchased my calendar from my local Dollar Tree, and it cost $1.25. I had all the other materials on hand.  If you're ready,  let's transform this calendar into your very own Christmas countdown. Be sure to check out the video tutorial Materials needed One block calendar Mini garland Acrylic paint Paintbrush Hot glue Decorative tape Decorative napkin Scissors Optional- Christmas light stickers, black paint Start by applying your acrylic paint to your calendar. The block calendars a


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