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Coffee, story time, & a little more!

We started the morning with a trip to our local Barnes and nobles bookstore (they were having a special valentine book, and craft for the kiddos) Our daughter who is going onto two this year absolutely loves doing anything that involves coloring or painting. They read a book, and the children colored a picture, and had a snack. My husband and I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee from Starbucks. Oh how I love weekends spent with my family. I've been doing a few Valentine crafts with our daughter, and she recently painted and glued on a few hearts on some stock paper. I love how creative she is, and I always praise her for what she does. She's growing so fast, and there are times I just stare at her, and I think to myself,- What will she want to be when she grows up, what goes on in her mind when she's playing/or just before she falls asleep. I am so in love with this little girl. She has changed our life in a way I never imagined. All in all today was a good day. I’m thankful

Spot the dog, and a valentine craft

Our daughter loves Spot the dog! Today I decided to take her to Barnes and Noble for story time, and to greet spot. Yes that's right, spot showed up and surprised the kids. (They all just loved it) After, they had a snack and did a craft. I also stopped by our local craft store and picked up a few valentine crafts. Today my daughter decorated some valentine turtles, she really enjoyed that. We really enjoy doing crafts together. I can’t wait to see what we end up doing this weekend. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.
We recently started doing the letter of the day with our daughter. In the past I have worked on the word of the day and also we have randomly picked a letter of the day out of a cup. This time around I figured it would be nice to go through the alphabet with her. We have gone through A-H. Today the letter is I. My daughter loves painting, so what I did was trace out the letter I and allowed her to paint it, she loved it. Few words we came across today were igloo, iguana, ice, ice cream, and a few others. It’s fun seeing what you can find around the house using the letter of the day. "To teach is to learn twice." -- Joseph Joubert

Oh what a night!

Good morning! It's a cold day here in Colorado. In our home this is breaking news...our daughter has mastered climbing out of her crib! I wasn't sure whether to cry or pull my hair out. (The first time it happened, I panicked like no other.) It's time that we move her to a toddler bed. It's been two nights now that we have been getting to bed late, and last night was a struggle. There are times I wish I could sleep like our pug. (He can fall asleep almost anywhere, he soaks up the sun, and has no worries in the world.

You live, you learn....

-As a first time mother I've learned that no matter how many times you tell your child "I love you", it never grows old, that hugs warm the soul, and that hearing my daughter's laughter through out our house can truly brighten my entire day. I've learned that mommy gives the best kisses when it comes down to boo boo's. And that singing silly songs makes my daughter's day. I'm constantly growing as a mother, and everyday my husband and I fall more and more in love with our daughter. :) -Many people will have their own opinions on how to parent. -Whether you decide to breastfeed (which I did) or to formula feed, people will still stand there and point fingers.(The way I feel is it's your baby and ultimately in the end it's up to you, no need to sit back and judge someone on what they decide to do.) -Everyone has their own opinions on vaccines, and it should stay that way. (If you as the parent want to space out your child's vaccines/or y

Lovely day...and a great workout!

So today has turned out to be a wonderful day. I was able to get a lot done. (Including my workout) Today I did two 20 minute videos from the firm. I love their dvds, as I mentioned before in my blog I recently bought the Firm Express. Each video is 20 minutes long. And you can combine videos, and make them longer (which I usually do) so tonight I did the Ignite Cardio, and combined that with the Accelerate Sculpt. (After my workout I felt great!!) I love that feeling after a great workout! :)

Yes a fish..

Meet Spotty... Over the weekend we went out and purchased a fish. Our daughter has been fascinated with fishes, and ever since her visit with her grandma (my mom) in Arizona, she has gone around the house saying "fishes." We took her to the Denver aquarium, which she absolutely loved. ( over the weekend we decided to get our daughter a fish, and named him Spotty. :) She absolutely adores her new fish. :)


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