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Autumn: Pumpkin pie spice scrub.- A Diy post

Fall weather has arrived.  It's been cool, with a gentle breeze. I'm excited about the cooler weather. But, during this time my skin and lips tend to get a bit dry. With this simple  scrub recipe your lips/body will feel soft,  smooth and stay moisturized through out the day.  I love making my own body/lip scrubs. Here is what you'll need: -Pumpkin pie spice -Coconut oil -Sugar -Measuring spoon (1 teaspoon) -Small bowl -Airtight container   Start with 2 teaspoons of sugar.  Add in 1 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice. Mix together. Combine 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to sugar and spice. Mix all ingredients together.  Now you're ready to add it to your airtight container. With this recipe you can make more if you are wanting to use it as a body scrub.  You're all done!  Enjoy~ Pin/share for later

To be little again.

To be little again. To wake up with no worries. Just being content and wanting to play and be free. To laugh uncontrollably and to spread your imaginary wings and fly.- Oh to be little again. I remember playing hopscotch and skating down the sidewalk with friends. We'd laugh, share stories and just enjoy being kids. We had no cares in the world. Oh what a joy it would be just to be little again. Now I watch my daughter's as they grow. I want for them to experience childhood to the fullest. Laugh, play, sing, dance... Just be.


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