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Decorating Cupcakes

"Cupcakes are Sweet and even Sweeter when Shared." ~ Marie Williams Johnstone           -Felt -Scissors -Create your cupcakes and toppings. Enjoy~  

The simple things- An art filled morning

This morning since our daughter was feeling much better, we decided to have an art filled morning. It was wonderful! It's these simple moments that I cherish, and enjoy to the fullest. Our daughter enjoys painting, and I love watching her create such beautiful art. How did you spend your morning today? :)   Color Inspiration     “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary” Pablo Picasso

Staying Indoors. A Cozy Time

                It's been raining all weekend. With all this rain this just means more flooding.  We have been fortunate and have not experienced much flooding in our area. (I do know the creek nearby had a flood warning for a few hours.)  Since it's been raining, and our little one is still sick we decided to stay indoors over the weekend. (I may have sneaked outside a few times) :) Indoors it's been warm and cozy. Lately, the air has been cooler, and windows haven't really been opened. It's strange because it's cool enough for it, but then our house seems to get a little too chilly.   On Saturday we enjoyed some soup. I prepared Beef soup with Chayote/ Caldo de Res con Chayote. A friend had mentioned this soup, and with our little one being sick, I wanted to try a new recipe. I actually looked up a few different recipes for this soup.  We of course added a few of our own spices to the soup. In the end, it was deliciou


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