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Ceramic Hanging Decoration Upgrade

Hi everyone! I recently took a trip to my local Target store, and I found this simple unfinished ceramic hanging decoration kit. The kit included paint, one bead, rope, and a tassel. I decided to give it a simple upgrade using my own paint colors, succulents that I had on hand, and a few craft butterflies I purchased a while back at Dollar Tree.  The kit was three dollars.  If you're ready, I'll take you through this simple upgrade. You will need: One hanging kit design Butterfly gems Succulents Paint- I'm using celery and antique white Hot glue Floral snips Start by applying paint to your hanging ceramic decoration. I decided I would use the color celery in my design. Allow it to fully dry. Next, using your second paint color, add it to the lines of your ceramic decoration.  After you have painted your ceramic design, you can start to add on your succulents. Using floral snips, cut your succulents to the desired size. Add a small amount of hot glue onto the back of each su


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