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Home. Lately

At home, we're all enjoying this beautiful holiday season. I've been enjoying some time in the kitchen baking a few goodies. I normally have our kitchen radio on while I prepare meals. Sometimes I  take this time to reflect on a few things. - Happy thoughts. I recently purchased an oil to use in my warmer. - A mixture of nutmeg, orange, and cinnamon fills the air. - It's a very calm and refreshing scent. I enjoy this time at home. We recently finished our Christmas shopping and oh my! - I'm really considering doing most of my Christmas shopping online next year. Stores were packed and people are just so rude this time of year. Our oldest daughter has enjoyed her time playing tea time and putting together most of her puzzles. She's also been enjoying her time with her baby sister. I catch her giving her sister gentle kisses and holding her hand while she sings her a sweet song. - I absolutely love these moments. In the eve


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