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DIY Quick Artwork Using Dollar Tree Rub-On-Transfer

  Hello everyone!  How are you doing?  I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to share a quick project with you. Today we're taking one rub on transfer and we're going to create artwork. I found this beautiful succulent/plant transfer at my local Dollar Tree. I was pleasantly surprised at their selection.   DIY Quick Artwork Using Dollar Tree Rub-On-Transfer Materials One Wooden Board The size of the board I am using is 15''x10'' Rub-on transfer I found this paper rub-on transfer at my local Dollar Tree Acrylic paint Paintbrush You can use a rub-on tool or a pencil to gently transfer your art Adding the art to the wooden board Start by taking your transfer paper and adding it to your wooden board. I decided to use an eraser to rub on my art. Honestly, it is much easier to use a rub-on transfer tool when adding it to your wooden surface. Adding Acrylic paint to transferred art After adding your art transfer to your surface, you can begin to add your acrylic pain


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