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Summer fun. -Teddy Bear Picnic

This past weekend we took a little trip to the nature center. We packed a little picnic. -Sandwiches, fruit, and cold beverages to cool us down.  Our oldest daughter was thrilled that she was going on a teddy bear picnic. -This event included stories, crafts, a small hike, and a special guest. -Theodore Roosevelt.  The kids were given maps for their scavenger hunt. We set out to explore the outdoors and the children ran around.-Each child found an item on their map using the clues they were given. It was a fun adventure for all. After our hike, we found a cool place to unpack and enjoy our picnic. Ice cream was served and stories were read to the children.  As we headed back home, we had two sleepy little ones. This day was very enjoyable. I think we all took naps once we arrived home. Hooray for summer fun!  How are you enjoying your summer? I'd love to hear all about your summer adventures! Welcome new readers! So happy to have you here.


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