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10 things I love about Autumn.

“It looked like the world was covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon.”  ―  Sarah Addison Allen ,  First Frost 1. The cool air.- Ah, it's perfect and I just fall in love all over again with this Autumn weather. 2. Fall scents.- Candles, oils, sprays and spices.- Ah, it's wonderful. I'll normally use my warmer around this time. :) 3. Warm soups.- Around this time our pots and slow cooker are filled with soups. I love preparing chicken soup, or vegetable barley soup. We enjoy this time.- Every year around Halloween I make cider in our slow cooker. It's nice coming in from the cold and warming up with something so delicious. 4.Outdoor play.- In Autumn it just feels different. The cool air, kids running through leaves and parents gather and sip on warm drinks. We love tossing up leaves! It's so much fun. :) 5. Fall crafts.- Oh boy, I enjoy this so much! We gather leaves, twigs, paper, stamps, stickers and much more. My oldest daughter lo

October.- Lately.

October lately. - Crafts .- We've been busy making cute spiders and monsters. - Some with three eyes and others with funky feet. ;)  We're definitely enjoying this time. - Reading - We've been reading a lot of books.- Our oldest will normally check out which books she wants from the library.- If we miss a trip to the library, we'll just pull a book from our bookshelf. So on our down time we enjoy cuddling up with a  good book. -Baking - This weekend we made a simple batch of sugar cookies. We added frosting and  Sprinkles.- There were a few we decorated with icing.- This was a very enjoyable time with my family. -Games - We absolutely love playing games as a family. -This weekend it was Monopoly Junior. -Building - Our oldest daughter has built a fire truck and a haunted bird house. We've been going to the workshops at both Lowe's and Home Depot. She loves it and we love that she enj


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