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Sipsby Tea | November Box Subscription Review

  I've always found tea so comforting.  I really enjoy having a cup of tea during the evening hours. My husband is more of a coffee drinker, but I've been able to convince him to enjoy some tea with me.  I was so thrilled when I saw an advertisement for Sipsby ! I saw that they offer personalized tea subscription boxes. Of course, after seeing this, I went and checked them out. I love that they have a quiz that you can take so that you are matched with the perfect teas that are made just for you. Doesn't that sound wonderful? I mean honestly, each month you get to explore different teas, and each time it is such a fun surprise!   My Sipsby subscription box My subscription box included four different teas that were based on my preference after taking the quiz, and a sheet of paper that had detailed tea information such as steep time, caffeine levels, and flavor. What I really loved was seeing that it was made just for me. In my box, there were three different teas, but each


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