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The Love Jar.

I had so much fun working with an empty mason jar and I think you will too. I created The Love Jar . In this jar, both my husband and I add little love notes and some positive inspiring messages to each other. Once our daughter is old enough, I would love for her to participate. I absolutely love when I can make someone's day whether it be with a kind word or two, a hug, or even a smile. So I'm hoping that as you are reading this, I've at least made you smile! :) Materials needed: Empty mason jar yarn glue gun washi tape paint brush any decorative piece you would like to add to your jar paper scissors. chalkboard paint Start off by applying some chalkboard paint on top of the mason jar lid. I applied about 5 coats. Allow it to dry overnight.  Next, apply washi tape around the bottom of the lid. Now that the lid is all done, you're ready to start the next step. Using your yarn wrap it around the mason jar. I applied a few strands.

Joyful Friday~

  "When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love." Marcus Aurelius   My herbs started to sprout!     While cleaning I came across a painting, I painted while I was pregnant with our daughter. (Brought back so many memories)       I enjoy my morning cup of coffee, so I picked up a new coffee cup (I love birdies)     I baked some delicious oatmeal cookies Our house smelled amazing.     After our trip to the library (toddler time) we went to the park. It's beautiful out! Once we got home we decided to have a nice little tea party. I absolutely love tea time with my sweet little love.   I cherish every moment spent with my daughter Our special moment is when we sit and gather a few books, and read together.            

Coffee? Why of course! -DIY Decorative Coffee sign

The smell of coffee brewing is something I smell every morning in our home. My husband is in love with coffee. I too enjoy my morning cup of coffee, but I can actually go without it on some days. (I love chai tea lattes, and tea. Every morning I can hear our coffee grinder go off, and what comes next is the wonderful aroma of coffee throughout the house. When we bought our house, I had in mind to do something to incorporate my husband's love for coffee into our kitchen. While my husband was deployed on his last tour over in Iraq, I decided to do a cafe/coffee themed kitchen. (I love it) And I'm still finding new items to add to our kitchen's theme. Today as I was in the garage straightening up a little, I came across some scrap wood my husband had stashed away. Of course I thought to myself "I can totally take this and do something cute with it." DIY DECORATIVE COFFEE SIGN (using chalkboard paint) -Scrap wood -Chalkboard paint -paint-color of your

Fun learning, and creating with noodles...& flashcard making

                                             Today we had fun creating art with noodles. In the morning I took some food coloring out. Later we added the noodles and food coloring in a plastic bag, and mixed it up for a few. After I removed the noodles from the bag we allowed them to dry. Simple as that! I actually put them out on my back porch so that they could dry a little faster. Once it was completely dry, we had fun creating some simple noodle art on paper! How fun! My daughter loved it.  We also created some ABC funky and fun flashcards It's simple to make- I made some letters, used some crayons, colored each one, and added a few dots around each letter. I then took my laminate sheet, and laid it over the paper. I used my shape blade paper craft scissors to cut each letter out. And there you go! You end up with some funky ,  fun  and colorfu l ABC flashcards. I'll be putting these cards in my daughter's diape

Little hands texture tour :)

Hello all! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. This morning I took my daughter to the library. They were having Rhythm Fun, with The Percussion Lady, Helen Trencher. It was so much fun. We played with drums, bells, danced, and listened to a few stories. We had a great time. Our daughter loves going through the house and picking a few items out. We do a texture tour with her. This allows her to feel all the textures, and see the difference between each one. We love this and it's something we have been doing since she was about 3 months or so. She loves it. We explain the different textures, and you can even tell them the different colors, and shapes. All you need for this: -Little hands :) -objects with different textures Have a lovely Tuesday

Learning together...

Today was filled with learning, laughter, dancing and painting. Todays book was- Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? By Bill Martin Jr/Eric Carle. I decided to do a fun learning activity with this book. (Color and Animal Identification) I traced and colored each animal and cut them out. I also labeled each one. As we read to our daughter we asked her if she could find each animal. Our daughter would then grab each picture and tell us the name of the animal and also the color. It was such a fun learning activity! All you need for this activity -paper -scissors -crayons/markers -book/which ever book you would like to do this activity with {Of course we had art time} :) I hope you all have enjoyed your day~

My card creations

I did some card-making last night and I had so much fun creating a few. I used a few materials for my cards. Card Stock.  Washi tape and  Stamps. You can pretty much use whatever you'd like. I usually use my heart-shaped hole puncher and create different designs with that.  Whatever you do just be creative and have fun!   Enjoy! ~Stephanie

Saturday love...

    Of course it snowed here yesterday.... but it was still a lovely day spent with my family. {Snowy day-Our back deck}    {Bow making} I always get so excited when I take out my crafts.. I love creating new things!    {Prepping some Vegetables for some chicken soup} {Bringing some Spring indoors} I had to pick this cute chick up at the store super cute!        {Painting sun catchers with my loves} We had so much fun painting these little sun catchers. We gave our daughter some kid friendly paint and we used the stain that the kit came with. In the end that turned out great!!    {I love my family so much} They mean the world to me            


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