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Stay Cozy This Winter ❄❄|❄❄ A list of ideas to stay cozy

  Stay Cozy This Winter ❄❄|❄❄ A list of ideas to stay cozy Create meals using your Crockpot I love using my Instant Pot to explore new recipes, especially during the colder months. From delicious stews to chili and soups, there's always something new to try. Create warm drink recipes A few favorites--  Simple Herbal Spice Tea Recipe  and  Warm citrus tea   Explore hot cocoa, tea, and coffee recipes. I also love tea delivery right to my front door. If you have time, check out  Atlas Tea Club  and  Sipsby Tea . I was very fortunate to sample tea from both tea companies, and I loved the tea I received!  Create a blanket basket I enjoy making blanket baskets in various rooms of my home. All I do is grab a basket and fill it with a few throws, including some lighter ones and an electric blanket. This way, there's always a cozy blanket within reach no matter where you are in the house. Decorate your coffee/tea bar If you have a coffee bar or tea bar, this is a great way to make it fe


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