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10 Simple ways to create a peaceful, and relaxing space.

10 Simple ways to create a peaceful, and relaxing space 1.  Cozy Blankets and Pillows.  Add some soft blankets and pillows. This will make getting cozy in this space enjoyable 2. Add a relaxing scent. A favorite candle or an oil diffuser. Add a scent that is not too strong, but a scent that relaxes you. 3. Add a few plants.  Plants help to purify the air. And it really helps bring the space to life. 4. Fill a basket with your favorite books. Add a simple basket with favorite books, or magazines.  5. Have this space be an electronic-free zone. Set aside phones, computers, etc. It helps to take a break from Social media 6. Bring in a simple healthy snack. Fresh berries, nuts, or, a mixed granola snack. While you relax you can snack on healthy treats. 7. Natural lighting Have a space that is filled with natural lighting. There's something about the sunlight that makes everything better. 8. Add a simple basket, and fill it  Fill a bas


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