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Paper bunny bag & paper flowers

Today I decided to do a paper bunny bag/with paper flowers  as our activity/craft. My daughter was very hands on today. She helped with everything (except with cutting the paper flowers). I was pretty amazed at how much she helped out with the craft. Usually when we do a craft I guide her through each step, but this time she was ready and very hands on. We made a paper bunny bag. Real simple craft for a toddler. For this craft all you need is: -Craft paper/construction paper -Glue stick -Scissors -crayons -pom pom(for the bunny's nose) -and 1 cotton ball for the bunny's tail. (if you decide to  do one in the back) Simple, just cut craft paper into two large squares, (for front and back), glue sides,   and bottom of paper together. (It will be a bit narrow) My daughter just wanted to stuff pictures and cards in it afterwards, so it worked out. Cut out some ears and eyes for the bunny, and glue on the pom pom for the bunny's nose. (And if you decide to do a tail in

Clay Eggs :)

Today was pretty hectic around our house, and tonight was even busier! But my daughter and I managed to complete a craft. I decided since we had all this clay left over, to make Easter clay eggs . Today our craft was Easter clay eggs. And what a fun craft it was! We started off with molding the clay to form the shape of an egg. (Of course it doesn't have to be perfect in shape) as long as it's close enough to tell it’s supposed to be an egg. :) So once we did that, we let them dry. (You’re supposed to let the clay dry for a few days, but my daughter wanted to finish them tonight.) I set out some paint, and we painted the clay eggs. My daughter loved it! (I hope you all do too) We had a great time decorating our clay eggs.

I am thankful.

"When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love." -Marcus Aurelius It's important to take time each day and think of everything in your life you are thankful for. I am thankful for the following: -God allowing me to see another beautiful day -For my family. The love I give and receive -I am thankful for the  many kisses I receive throughout the day from my sweet little one -I am thankful that I am able to share my happiness with others and to have others share their joy with me is always a blessing. -I am thankful for my health, and the health of my family, and friends. The list goes on...Through it all I can always, and I mean ALWAYS lean on God. Today was such a lovely day, and I hope that it was the same for all of you. Stephanie

Let's decorate cupcakes! Toddler craft :)

I'm always trying to think of new crafts to do with my daughter. And so today I decided we would decorate some paper cupcakes!We used a cupcake cutout and traced a few of our own. We colored them, added some paint, and some glitter and yes it did get a little messy. But that's what made it so fun. We really enjoyed this craft together. Enjoy!  
Our daughter has a serious book collection, and within these books, I've always had two favorite books that I seem to always go back to. The first book is:  Someday, by Alison Mcghee and Peter h. Reynolds. (The first time I read this book, I cried.  Our daughter was around 6 months old when I purchased this book, and I decided to write her a little message in the book.) I'm hoping when she's older she can look back on the message I left her, and know that she has changed our life for the better.   Someday by Alison Mcghee & Peter h. reynolds         The next book in her collection is: So many days, written by Alison Mcghee With illustrations by Taeeun Yoo          
Our daughter loves nature walks, and it's always a plus running into the geese                                                                                               Sponge Art   At the end of the day I am so thankful for my family

Fun with Clay :)

This weekend we decided to take a trip to our local craft store. A while back I purchased a book: “What shall we do today?” -with projects by, Catherine Woram. I decided this weekend we would do some molding with clay. My daughter loves getting her hands messy and trying new things. Boy, we had so much fun. Materials needed for this project: 1. Air drying clay 2. Rolling pin 3. Assorted cookie cutters 4. Paint dish 5. Paint I also used stamps. You could also use beads, or whatever you want to add to your clay after it has taken time to dry completely. Oh and let me not forget to mention that you can use a straw or tooth pick to make a hole in the clay, so that it can be worn at a necklace, or even used as an ornament! So many fun things you can do with your clay. Give it a try, and remember get creative with it. :)                                                                         


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