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A blanket for my littlest one.

Warm, snuggled up, and carried from room to room. This little blanket will certainly be with her where ever she goes. My two-year-old is growing so quickly and she is full of energy. These days she's running, jumping, singing, and twirling. I really cherish these moments and honestly, I wish they would stay this small forever.   I recently sewed a blanket for her. It will keep her warm through the winter months. She's always talking about Doc Mcstuffins, so I found a cute pattern I'm sure she will love. When her sister was two I made a blanket for her as well. She continues to use it through the winter months and I'm thrilled to see her little sister enjoy her new blanket soon. I'll wrap it and tie a bow around it and place it under the tree until Christmas. Maybe one day they will pass their blankets down to their little ones.  I hope she knows that this blanket was made with some much love. 💗


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