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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. It's a new year and I'm wishing you all the best. May you all go on new adventures, make new friends, and continue to have many more blessings come your way.  I'm excited about this new year. This year I'd like to go on new adventures, be more in the moment, work on having more patience, and create a space that is full of beauty, and inspiration. I want to take more pictures of my kids as they grow with each passing day. I've realized that life passes us by so quickly and we must enjoy this current moment.  There is so much beauty around us and we must take the time to notice it, be still, and be in the moment. I'm leaving behind sad moments that truly left me feeling complete down, shaking off those negative vibes, and I'm filling my daily cup with positive, loving, caring vibes. -Honestly, we all should! So please feel free and come along with me on this journey.  What are your plans f


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